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I Still Hate Yampa Africa Tours: The Aftermath

Wednesday October 28, 2015 (Africa, Uganda)


DISCLAIMER: Much like the previous Yampa article, this blog post is not really about travel. It’s about a crappy tour guide. A really crappy one. Spectacularly crappy. But hopefully you’ll find it entertaining, because big portions of it are unbelievably absurd! I do swear a few times in my communications with Yampa. Sorry. He has a powerful ability to bring out the worst in me. All I can say is that if you tried dealing with the guy for an extended period of time, you’d probably be swearing too! I will also try to promise that this is the last time I talk about Yampa. I really want to forget him. I promise.

Remember that article I wrote about Yampa? The Ugandan tour guide direct from the underworld? The spawn of Satan? If you haven’t read it yet, start there for some background on the whole story. After I took the nuclear option of publishing that review with his name(s) on it, Yampa attempted to strike back. We’ve had many discussions since then, mostly via Facebook, wherein Yampa now claims that we never paid enough money for our safari in the first place. I criticized a seemingly endless list of things he did completely and utterly wrong during our safari, and his response is that we didn’t pay him enough. Well, that and a few other ridiculous assertions. So I wanted to write one last follow-up to put all of the evidence out there in an attempt to show Yampa how crazy he is. And you can come along for the ride if you so wish!

I have collected all of the recorded communications Yampa and I have ever had and placed them at the very bottom of this article. I wish I had audio recordings. Next time. I will link to relevant sections of text where applicable. It’s a pretty entertaining reading at times. I laughed. I cried. At one point, Yampa even likened me to a terrorist. This is gonna get heavy. Read on. Here’s a little tool I wrote. It’s a weird way to open this post, but I wanted my little tool right up at the top for easy reference. The point of it is to let you experiment with different exchange rates to see how much different amounts in different currencies are equivalent to. If you want, you can tweak the exchange rates to see how that affects the amount. What a blast, eh? The rates that are in the tool by default are the official exchange rates from for the date of May 1, 2015. That date sits in the middle of my transfers to Yampa, and it’s also convenient because the first day of the month is easy to remember. I think the exchange rates shown are a good representation of historical exchange rates between CAD, USD and UGX in late April and early May.

There’s also an “Amount” box where you can enter a value and a type of currency to see the equivalent value in other currencies. The default value entered there is the amount of UGX (Ugandan Shillings) that were sent to Yampa via Western Union. You can see the equivalent number of CAD and USD. Pretty straightforward. You might find yourself checking back here from time to time to fact-check either my numbers or Yampa’s. You may also think that sounds incredibly boring. Fine – don’t do it! But hey, it’s a fun little tool, no? We agreed to pay $1697 USD per person for a ten day safari. For two people, that makes the total $3394 USD. Yampa hasn’t tried to dispute this value, but I figure I might as well cover the bases in case he attempts to do so in the future. So we’ve established what we were asked to pay. Simple.

As shown in the currency converter tool, the rate of UGX/USD at the time was about 3000. Yampa does all of the required math for us by saying:

3394 is 10,182,000 - averaging at 3000, that’s the safe zone

Yes, it’s cryptic. That’s Yampa for you. But here’s the gist: he’s responding to a question I asked where I wanted to check that 3394 USD = 10,165,030 UGX. That’s the rate Google was showing me, and it’s equivalent to a UGX/USD rate of 2995. Very close to 3000.

Yampa responded to say that 3394 USD is actually equivalent to 10,182,000 by using an exchange rate of 3000 UGX/USD. He then says that’s the “safe zone” for the exchange rate. I accepted his number of 10,182,000 UGX as the amount he expected to be paid. So we’ve established a UGX/USD exchange rate of 3000 and that we were to pay him 3394 USD or 10,182,000 UGX. Same amount. Done. It’s not easy sending large amounts of money to Uganda without standing in front of a Ugandan ATM machine. Yampa wanted a down payment of 35% of the total amount paid in advance. We had actually sent 9,559,168 UGX of the total by April 30th, 2015. I’ll prove that later. The trip started on May 7th, 2015. So we had sent about 93% of the money in advance.

One of the things Yampa keeps complaining about is that Western Union was the method of payment used. And yet, he suggested it. Right here. In an approach you’ll discover is typical of him, he later tries to say I was the one who insisted on it. Nope.

Before I actually sent any money Yampa and I did have a little back and forth about sending a wire transfer, but (and yes, I called both of my banks to check) I can’t send wire transfers without physically visiting a bank branch. In Canada. Where I’m not. My only option was Western Union. By using it, I incurred exactly 87.99 CAD in service charges to send five transfers. The first four transfers cost me 18.96 CAD each, and the last transfer cost 12.15 CAD. Again, this is not included in the 180 USD I wanted back from him. I accepted that loss.

My point is that Yampa believes I manipulated him into using Western Union because it was somehow beneficial to me. As if I thought it was a great idea to incur 87.99 CAD in service charges just to send him the money for the trip. Trust me: if I could have sent a wire transfer for the entire amount in USD without physically visiting a bank branch in Canada I would happily have done that. I tried. It’s not possible.

Yampa also claims "I have lost 6% of each transfer because Western Union's rates are 6% less the market rates.” Not true. He’s not losing a thing. I’m the one doing the losing (and it’s not 6%), because I had to get the total amount sent in UGX to match his requested amount of 10,182,000 UGX after Western Union converts the currency from CAD to UGX. And I did that. I more than did that, since we sent him 10,315,000 UGX after I took a small hit on the exchange rate. Again, this exchange spread is not part of the money that I asked him to return to me. The point is that he’s making up numbers. I sent a total of five Western Union transfers to Yampa from late April to early May. The money was sent in CAD but was paid out to him in UGX. I have posted the confirmations above, and you can see that the “Send amount” is in UGX. He doesn’t dispute these transactions. He himself posted the same confirmations. They are also shown above.

There are five total transfers, and they total 10,313,005 UGX. Here is the date and amount of each transfer. You can double-check these with Yampa’s confirmations too:

  • Apr 22: 2,362,355 UGX
  • Apr 27: 2,381,140 UGX
  • Apr 28: 2,412,450 UGX
  • Apr 30: 2,403,224 UGX
  • May 11: 753,836 UGX

Now check out the currency converter tool again. Notice how that total amount in USD is about 50 USD more than we needed to pay.

Yampa is obsessed with Canadian dollars. If you really care to prove this to yourself, you can read his entire message history with me down at the bottom of this post where you’ll see he won’t stop harping on about it. So let’s examine how much we sent in CAD. To be honest, it’s really not relevant at all because he received the money in UGX and had only to convert it to USD. I’ve told him this many times. The exchange rate losses took place completely on my end because I had to provide the total quoted amount in UGX. But I’ll go through the math anyway.

Here in our messages, Yampa claims the total of the Western Union confirmations is 4702.95 CAD and that I somehow edited the confirmations them to make it look like we sent more. The same confirmations he later posted himself. Duhhh. So nothing was “edited”. And he did the math wrong. No surprise there.

The total he’s looking for is 4402.95 CAD, not the 4702.95 CAD he states. That’s the sum of all of our transfers through Western Union. You can try it yourself! Just add up all the values on the transfers. Included in that total is the 87.99 CAD in service charges I paid to send that money through Western Union. That amount goes to Western Union. If we subtract that, we’re left with 4314.96 CAD. That’s exactly how much Yampa received in equivalent Canadian dollars. If you look at the currency conversion tool, it actually shows a lower CAD amount (4197.37 CAD) is required to make 10,313,005 UGX, and that’s because I had to pay more money to cover the exchange rate spread that Western Union takes off the top. Notice how 4314.96 = 4 * 999.99 + 315. Those are the five transfers. Four transfers of 999.99 CAD and one of 315 CAD. Isn’t it marvellous when the math works? Ol’ Yamper has a different perspective on things. Initially, things were quite clear. I showed above that Yampa originally requested 10,182,000 UGX. His math back then made a kind of sense. Ish. At his “safe zone” exchange rate of 3000 UGX/USD, it’s easy to show that 3394 USD = 10,182,000 UGX. Perfect. As shown on the confirmations above, we gave him 10,313,005 UGX. A little bit extra. I don’t even want that money back. That’s not part of the 180 USD I wanted returned. But the point is that we paid more than enough.

Then things start to change. After we posted our original article, Yampa starts generating different interpretations of how much the trip cost and how much we paid him. Note that we published our review on August 23, 2015. Check out how his numbers change after the review is published. You can click on the links to see his actual posts and messages where these numbers change.

I particularly love the fact he complains on September 8th that we only sent 10,647,000 UGX. Remember: he only asked for 10,182,000 UGX before the trip started. Then after the trip ended and we posted our negative review, his initial cost suddenly jumped. But by his own admission we’ve already overpaid him based on the quote we received! Up next is another demonstration of the ever-changing historical exchange rate in Yampaland. Please see below a list of his claimed exchange rates for the USD. Again, notice how the rate suddenly gets a lot worse after our review was posted on August 23rd, 2015. You can click the links again to jump to the messages where he says this stuff.

It’s really kind of hilarious. I mean, it’s one thing for him to change the value abruptly and then at least stick to a new value. But it’s different literally every single time he tries to quote it!

Another common trope from Yampa is to use the current exchange rate and pretend it was the same exchange rate back in May. But look at the historical value of UGX since May. It’s dropped dramatically since that time. Check out the graph. By claiming the rate is the same now as then he surmises we should have paid him over 12,000,000 UGX when in fact he only needed 10,182,000 UGX back then. Yampa’s next tack was to claim that rates from and Google didn’t accurately represent the situation on the ground in Uganda. That I was looking at “Canadian Central Bank” rates. What?! So I set out to disprove him.

But how? I’m not in Uganda anymore, so I can’t exactly take pictures of exchange rate boards in Entebbe. Or can I? You see, we stayed in Entebbe, Uganda (Yampa’s hometown!) well after our trip with Yampa ended on the 16th of May. And we made friends with some locals! So I sent out a kind request to a friend and asked him to take some pictures for me of the exchange rate boards in the area. I’d check the exchange rate on Google on the same day and then compare the two.

And lo, how they matched. As you can see above, they matched beautifully. But of course they do! If they didn’t, that implies you could do some seriously sweet currency arbitrage in Uganda by just changing money back and forth between different parties. Can we now put to bed this idea that the exchange rates online don’t match the exchange rates on the ground? Thanks.

The funny thing is, after I posted these images Yampa completely freaked out and went full CAPSLOCK for a while. I guess he didn't like me providing proof to counter his craziness. Oops. ​Perhaps the most damning hallmark of Yampa’s attempt at defending himself is that he can’t keep his story straight. He lies. Frequently. He even admitted to it at one point when he wrote a Facebook message saying, and I quote, “OK I lied you”. For now, let’s just dive into the highlight reel of Yampa’s ever-changing universe of falsity. In our original article about him, I mentioned how he hit a motorcyclist on the road while driving us. On August 28th, he denies it: "I never knocked anyone.” Then on October 7th, the story takes an hilarious turn:

"I also Kindly ask you to call Steven for that the guy that rammed into the land cruiser carrying cassava, on a motor bike and find out what we exchanged and how I helped him. I sent some one to get him another sack from his home, and I gave him mobile money, later.”

Hello, operator? Is this Uganda? Can I please speak to Steven? This is how Yampa’s world works. When we hit this guy, Yampa swore at him and drove away immediately. But somehow in his version he was able to collect his information and send another sack of cassava to him while speeding away. Impressive.

So now we’ve established that he did hit somebody with the vehicle. Well, according to Yampa the motorcyclist now rammed us, but hey, it’s no problem because he sent him some mobile money later! Yampa dropped us at our last accommodation on the evening of May 16th. He left us late at night and took off. No complaint from us: that was the plan. We wandered around our place the next morning (you can see our photos in the post we did about the safari), and then checked out and made our way to another guesthouse in Entebbe where we stayed until the 21st of May. That first day away from Yampa on May 17th he wrote us in the evening. He said:

"Hello Ian good evening. I left in a hurry this morning.

I know there's no words or apology that can console you. But take hurt and forgive me……”

Well, I took hurt. He apologized, though, and seemed sincere. I was willing to forgive him if he followed through on his word to pay back the loan we gave him. I wasn’t going to post anything about his company or give him a public review. Then he decided to jerk us around a few too many times. Game on. When we read this message, though, it’s obvious that he’s the one who made the departure. We were still in Entebbe for several days.

Fast forward to October 6th. In a Facebook comment Yampa decided this was how things went down:

“… Ian Clarkson and his wife Sundra RUN AWAY with OUT Paying for accommodation. I was supposed to drop them at the Airport at mid day for them to fly to Tanzania, when they were supposed to pay my remaining money they escaped before I arrived. I stay in Entebbe town, the place in Which they spent the night is a park and its not uncommon to see tourist walking around with their back packs, this is how they escaped."

Pretty fascinating stuff. Apparently I’m married to a woman named Sundra, so that’s the first surprise. The next is that our flight to Tanzania was originally scheduled for the 19th of May. It actually ended up being cancelled and moved to the 21st, and that’s why we spent so long in Entebbe. But Yampa is saying he was supposed to drop us off on the 17th for a flight on the 19th? Not sure why in his version he decided he was going to drop us off at the airport two days before our flight. Not very helpful. Notice also in the entire record of communication he doesn’t accuse us of running away without paying him. He doesn’t send an email or a Facebook message. Nothing. All he does is say “You are welcome” when I try to be nice in response to his admission of failure about the safari. Weird that that would be all he would say if we’d just run away without paying him. His story is almost so strange as to be completely unbelievable! It’s harder to hit a moving target. Yampa knows this. Let’s just take a look at our very first Western Union transfer to him. It was sent on April 22nd and carried a value of 2,362,355 UGX. At his own (first) claimed exchange rate of 3000 UGX/USD, as well as the historical exchange rate listed on, this is the equivalent of about 787 USD.

On May 2nd, he claims the first transfer is only worth 747 USD. That’s the handwritten number on his confirmation shown in a previous section. On September 25th the same transfer is now worth 674 USD. On September 30th it becomes 626 USD. Eventually I just started ignoring his attempts at math altogether. You should probably do the same. When we left Yampa in Entebbe, we had a handshake agreement for him to pay us back the 180 USD extra that we’d sent him (as a “loan”, he said) to help him pay for the vehicle breakdowns. As I mention in my messages to him, I regret that I didn’t get him to sign anything. I actually did think about it, but I didn’t want to insult him by writing out a contract and treating him like a naughty child. In retrospect, I should have.

Yampa said he could easily pay the loan back within a month. A few days before the due date I reminded him that he needed to pay on the 17th – exactly one month plus a day after our trip ended. He responded “Let me try”. Then nothing happened for a week.

On June 21st, he claimed he was on the road and didn't have access to a place to pay me. Oh, and then he added: "I thought it was 140 not 180”. Uh, no. It’s not. It never was. Never will be.

On July 13th he pushed the payment date back to September 22nd. He said he doesn’t have access to the Internet because he was doing a gorilla census deep in the forest. He wouldn't be able to pay us until then. Oh, and he also said "its one of the reasons I had actually waited to see if I'm taxed.” What does him paying tax on his business income have to do with paying us back a loan we gave him?! Nothing. Zilch. That’s the answer. The taxes he pays have exactly zero relation to his agreement with us.

However, it seemed like agreeing with him was the only way I would see a dime of money that we lent him returned. So I agreed to September 22nd as a repayment date. Because he needed time to finish up his gorilla census! You believe him, right? That he’s in the forest for two months and never reaches civilization? That he can’t access PayPal? Ever? Even though he’s writing me on the Internet?!

Of course he can. And that became patently obvious on August 13th. He posted some stupid status update about the weather in Fort Portal on that day. I noticed it on Facebook. That’s weird: Fort Portal is one of the tourist centres of Uganda. There are many banks. They have the Internet. And he’s still supposed to be doing a gorilla census. So why aren’t I being paid? I wrote to tell him it’s time to send the money. He responded: "I went to Fort Portal to deliver our payment vouchers. Be sure of receiving 120 dollars.”

A vein popped out of my forehead. Now we’re down to 120 dollars? You’re almost two months after the date you agreed to pay us 180 USD and now you’re trying to change it again? No way. No, no, no. I started writing the original review article that evening and posted it just over a week later. In our communications, you can tell the tone changes significantly after that date. No more mister nice guy for me! I think we’ve demonstrated that Yampa is a schemer. I’ve shown a bunch of ways in which he’s either bent the truth or, often, lied outright. He can’t keep his story straight. But have no fear – it gets worse! He’s also just plain incompetent! Here are some great demonstrations he’s provided:

  • Tried to get us to fly “Africa Air” to Entebbe from Nairobi. Yampa says it’s a new airline, but that "the sadness about it is its Somalia owned.” I can’t find any evidence that this airline exists at all.
  • Accidentally changed our price quote on the trip from 1697 USD to, and I quote, “US $ 1,7695.” Do you have any idea what number that is? Because I sure didn’t.
  • Couldn’t figure out the start date of our trip. On April 19th he said "As you said it [the trip] begins on 7th May and ends 16/05/2015”. Then on May 2nd said “I expected you to arrive on the 5th.” and "Start on the 6th May”. After I corrected him and said I asked to start on the 7th all along, he tried to recover and said our trip ended on May 17th with a city tour of Entebbe. It didn’t.
  • Before the last transfer was sent he claimed I owed him 131 CAD. Then said I owed him 1090 CAD. In the same message. I can’t stress that enough.
  • Agreed that "all accommodation and meals” were included in the price on April 11th. Then on May 2nd, sent a changed itinerary that showed us paying for many of the meals. I had to fight to get it returned to the original agreement.
  • Thought I should be impressed that (sorry for the capitals, it’s a direct quote): "WHEN WE GOT GOT THE CAR BREAK DOWNS THAT I ALWAYS ENDEVOURED TO PROVIDE A SUBSTITUTE AT NO EXTRA COST.” He’s actually saying I should be happy he didn’t charge us more when his vehicles broke down?!
  • Claimed I tricked him by sending only 315 CAD in my last transfer to him instead of the 1200 CAD he now seems to believe we owed. And yet he accepted the transfer I sent without issue or complaint. He’s effectively arguing that he’s so completely oblivious that I managed to fool him by sending him a transfer for a random amount that was about a quarter of what he thought I owed. And he didn’t discover this when he accepted and cashed the money transfer. Interesting. Great trick on my behalf, it seems. Maybe the real explanation is that I sent him the actual balance at the time and he’s trying to change it after the fact? I’ll let you decide which is more plausible.

After posting the original article on the blog, we received a comment from somebody by the name of Araali with a message of support. You can read it in the comments section of the original blog post. To paraphrase, he or she had a similar experience to us on a safari with Yampa in 2011. At the time, Yampa was working for a company called Matoke tours. Their tour went so badly that Araali got money refunded from Matoke tours and Yampa was apparently let go from the company.

I mentioned this to Yampa several times on Facebook, but he never directly responded. Finally, he posted a response to the comment directly on the blog. It makes for great reading. In it, he first tried to claim that he wasn’t “working for” Matoke – that he was in fact subcontracted in some way. I guess his argument was that he couldn’t very well get fired if he never really "worked for" them. Interesting gambit.

Then he went off the deep end and started calling Araali by the name Agaba, and then Paul, and then stated that the name Araali is a "pet name" for various other Ugandan tribal names all starting with the letter ‘B'. Yampa assumed (for some reason I’m still not clear on) that Araali was a Ugandan, and then argued that his or her story must be a fabrication because he had never taken Ugandans on safari while working with Matoke. He then asked which country Araali is from, contradicting his own assumption that Araali must be a Ugandan. No idea where he was going with this one.

After that, he went on to claim that Araali was in fact the same person who helped me out by taking photos of the foreign exchange boards around Entebbe to prove that online exchange rates match the rates on the ground in Uganda. Cool conspiracy theory, Yampa! But I can assure you I have no idea who Araali is, and I definitely know who I got to take those pictures. Not the same person. First, can we just start by looking at this sexy shirtless picture? That’s what Yampa calls business casual, I guess. Sorry, I got distracted. Back on track.

One interesting development in our feverish debate online came when a gentleman by the proud name of Robinson Denning Dobson mysteriously joined the fray out of left field. He posted a comment trying to claim that 1000 CAD = 626 USD. I know the exchange rate to the US dollar is bad, but come on now. I responded to him. Then I noticed something fishy. I started looking through his profile. He seemed to be posting a lot of ads for Yampa’s company on his timeline. Weird. Was it Yampa’s brother or something? I quickly realized that no, this was actually a second Facebook account also belonging to Yampa. He was posting comments under this secondary name to make it appear as if other people supported him! The account name has since been changed to Abraham Yampa Baliija. So we’ll add these (two!) names to the ever-growing list of Yampa monikers. For those keeping score at home, here’s where we’re at on that front:

  • Yampa Abraham
  • Baliija Balyampa Robinson D D Abraham
  • Balya Baliija Abraham Yampa .D .D.R
  • Yampa Drbb Abraham
  • Balya DA Baliija Yampa
  • Abraham Yampa Baliija
  • Robinson Denning Dobson

The funny thing is, even after I called out “Robinson” as being a shill account for Yampa, he kept trying to pretend he was somebody else. He says things like, "the closest that guy [Yampa] could get was seven million Uganda shillings if he had good contacts.” Eventually he gave up and just switched his name to a new Yampa variant. Be careful, they’re multiplying! Thumbs up for the hilarious attempt, though, am I right? Did you make it all the way to the end? I’m surprised. And impressed. It took me many weeks to write this. I relearned enough JavaScript to write the currency conversion tool. I wrote scripts in Ruby to parse through all of our communications and sort the disparate messages by date to get a clearer picture of the battle. I asked a friend to take pictures of exchange rate boards in Entebbe. Dedication.

Instead of making fun videos with our GoPro footage I have dedicated my spare time to collating all of these ridiculous messages together to once and for all show that Yampa is a big fat phony. Just an all around jerk. That’s about the nicest name I could come up with. I have many others I whisper under my breath.

I’d like to wrap things up with two quotes from our friend Abraham Balya Balyampa Baliija Denning Dobson Robinson. That’s all of his sub-names in alphabetical order. The first quote is touching and anti-prescient:

"I pray and hope you will fully trust me at the end of the safari.

So much for that one. Looks like his hopes and prayers weren’t answered. And finally, a poetic quote full of imagery. It really captures the mood of this entire missive. A terrible man once said:

Lies run faster but the truth move confidently and arrive in time to shame the devil.

Indeed, Yampa. The truth has arrived just in time.

Hi Ian, How are you?

Good thanks, you? We're flying into Nairobi around May 5th and have about a month before we fly out again. We got your contact through some people we met here at the hostel, and they recommended you for tours in the area.

Will be visiting Uganda, Rwanda, or jus Kenya? I Meant Will you be visiting other East African Nations apart from Kenya?

We'd love to -- my wife would like to see the gorillas in Uganda if we could. But we're not sure if one month is enough time to see more than Kenya? We were also planning on seeing Tanzania, so that's part of it as well!

Have you got any one to organize the trip yet?

Nope -- we were going to organize ourselves. No real plans yet, we've just kind of been figuring things out as we go along.

All right I wish you the best but if you need assistance contact me [email removed].

Well, sorry -- I don't mean we plan on organizing everything ourselves! We're certainly interested in hearing any ideas and prices from you! If you have recommendations or ideas by all means pass them along!

You should be having a exactly what you want to do, I'll help tailor it and may be organize to suit your stay and program

Is there any chance we'd be able to do a gorilla tour in Uganda or Rwanda between 5th of May and 5th of June?

Yes please, it's possible. 5th of may you will be paying $350 USD for a permit in Uganda well as Rwanda is $700; June is high season you pay $600 and $700 for a permit respectively. Kindly give me your travel plan so that I can tailor it for suitable dates. Thank you.......

We fly into Nairobi on the 5th of May and fly out on the 5th of June, so almost anything between those dates (as long as we have time to get to Uganda/Rwanda and back) would work for us. We really have nothing scheduled at all, so this would be the first thing we would lock into place if dates are available!

So you got your have 30 days of fun in East Africa. unless you have work in Kenya, but if its holiday give each country 10 days ie Kenya Uganda and Tanzania

That sounds perfect. Are there any availability issues to see the gorillas? We've heard you have to book a long time in advance?

You dont need to worry about that as long as you set a good date I can see to that. remember permits are discounted in may, they will be going for $350 and june will be $600.

This is one the itineraries you may opt for in Uganda.

YAT 006 10 days the best of Uganda Safari-

Trip highlights: Lake Mburo, gorilla tracking in Bwindi, boat trips and game drives in Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, visiting the Batwa in Bwindi and Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest.

Day one: Arrival - Entebbe -

On arrival at the airport, you will be warmly picked by our guide who will transfer you to your hotel of Choice. B/B. Prefereably in Entebbe.

Day Two: Kampala - Lake Mburo - 230 km.

After breakfast, depart Entebbe for Lake Mburo National Park having a stop to look at the local Drum makers, the Equator crossing - where you will have a coffee and be able to stand on both hemispheres of the earth, at once. You will continue to Lake Mburo for an afternoon game drive while entering the park arriving in the evening. Lake Mburo is a wildlife Island, which is an extension of the Northern Tanzanian Plains it is home to big herds of Zebra, Impala, Eland and other savannah species. For birders, this is one of the best place to find the African Fin foot, Papyrus, Bush Shrike, and money great colored birds. We will enjoy dinner at any of the lodges in lake Mburo. Full Board.

Day Three: Mburo - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. (Approx. 6.5 hours drive).

After breakfast, you will have a game drive as you depart Mburo for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Best known for its Mountain Gorillas, the Montane Forest also attracts spectacular birds. There are 23 of the 24 Albertine Rift endemics including the African Green Broadbill, Bar Tailed Trogon and other beautiful forest species. You may decide to relax in the afternoon or take a nature walk, which will lead you to the Munyaga Waterfall and get a chance to see primates such as the Grey Cheeked Mangabey Blue Monkeys and others species. Spend the night at any of the luxury/ budget lodges/camps. Full Board.

You will need to have a good night's rest to get ready for the following day's gorilla tracking.

Day Four: Gorilla Tracking - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

This morning you will have to wake up very early to get ready for tracking the rare and highly endangered mountain Gorillas, perhaps one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on earth. There are now only 840 individuals in the world!Bwindi has over 480 individuals

The tracking may take between 4 and 8 hours but its well worth the effort, there are always park guides and rangers with you who interpret the flora and fauna and the lifestyle of the Gorillas. . Depending on the time you spend in the forest tracking, if 4 or less hours, you will have a chance to relax at the camp or go for a Village walk to visit the Local Batwa Community returning to the Camp/ lodge in the evening, for Dinner and overnight. Full Board.

Day Five: Bwindi to Queen Elizabeth National Park. . (Approx. 5 hours drive).

After breakfast, you will depart Bwindi for Queen Elizabeth National Park,through the Ishasha sector, where we will be able to see Tree climbing lions, you will do a game drive, then after a lunch picnic you'll later transfer to the Northern sector that is dotted with Euphorbia cactus.

Its the wonder of melodies, Queen Elizabeth boasts one of the highest biodiversity concentrations per square kilometre in Africa, - from the open Savannah to Rainforest, dense Papyrus Swamps, Crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward flats in Ishasha and rocky kopjes atop volcanic hills.

Almost 100 mammal species that include Lions, Hippos, Buffaloes, Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Elephants and the elusive Giant Forest Hog plus remarkable 606 bird species that include the Shoebill Stork, Black Bee-Eater, Chapin's' Flycatcher, Bustards, and craters full of Lesser Flamingos,Black Chested Eagle, the Swallow Tailed Bee Eaters, to mention but a few.

The Primates include Chimps, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Blue, Black Faced Red Colobus, and Red Tailed monkeys and Olive Baboons.

Reptiles are the amazing huge Rock-Python, Puff adders, Spitting Cobras, Gabon Rippers, Green Mambas, etc. All these are regularly sighted around the park.

. Overnight will be at any of the luxury/ budget lodges / camps on the Mweya peninsula/ Kichwamba Rift valley escapement. Full Board.

Day Six: Queen Elizabeth.

This morning, we will have a game drive to the Kasenyi sector, to look for Lion prides and other wildlife like the Uganda Kob, water bucks, hyenas' leopard and many more. You will return at the Lodge for breakfast.

Then go for the afternoon boat trip along the Kazinga Channel. Hippo that huff and spray mere feet away from the boat, Buffalos, Elephants that will be enjoying their afternoon baths in the channel, plus a tremendous variety of birds that grace the bushes along the shores and waters, they might include, Great White and Pink-Backed Pelicans, Great and Long-Tailed Cormorants, Open-Billed Stork, African Jacana, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers and many more. December to March offer spectacular sightings of some of the migrants bird. Overnight will be either on Mweya peninsula, or any the luxury/ budget lodges that dot the Kichwamba rift valley escarpment facing the Park. Full Board.

Day Seven: Queen Elizabeth National Park- Kibale. (Approx. 3-6 hours drive)

After Breakfast you will do a morning game drive and later transfer to Kibale Forest National Park. Kibale Forest is a large protected block of rainforest, which has the highest concentration of primates in Africa (hence the primate capital of Africa) such as Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Red Tailed monkey and Red Colobus, to mention but a few.

In the afternoon, you will go for Chimpanzee tracking in the forest, you'll get a chance to see several bird species like the Grey-Throated Flycatcher, Masked & Black-Capped Apalis', Chestnut-Winged Starling, Orange -Tufted & Tiny Sunbirds, Later return to lodge for Dinner and overnight at any of the crater lakes field lodges/ camps commandeering, stunning scenic views where you will be able to watch the sun, set behind the famous Rwenzori mountains. Full Board.

Day Eight: Kibale National Park - Murchison Falls. (Approx. 7 hours drive).

After breakfast, you will get on your way to Murchison Falls National park. This is a long drive, you travel north through lush evergreen tea estates, along the Rift valley escapement with great village sightings. Lunch will be in either Hoima and Masindi. Overnight will be at any of the lodges/camps in the Park. Full Board.

Day Nine: Murchison Falls.

After breakfast, you will cross the Mighty Nile River for an early morning game drive in the Nile- Albert delta plains where you have chances of viewing Lions, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Buffalo and Elephant as well as many of the other mammals of the park. For the bird enthusiast , these areas support a good number of savannah species, among them are the Secretary Bird, Black Chested Snake Eagle, Tawny and Martial Eagles Carmine and Swallow Tailed Bee-Eaters, to pick just a few. This is a beautiful drive across Borassus Palm Forest and grassland savannah down to Lake Albert where the Albert Nile heads north to the Sudan.

In the afternoon, you will go for a boat trip to the base of Murchison Falls where the Nile thunders through a small 7-meter gap, or down river to the delta where the Nile empties into Lake Albert. This is an experience not to be missed! The banks of the Nile are home to many wildlife species. You may see huge Nile Crocodiles, big schools of Hippos and other wildlife that may come down to drink from the river. Back to lodge/camp for dinner and overnight.

Full Board.

Day Ten: Murchison Falls - Kampala. (approx. 6 hours drive).

Early game drive to the Top of Murchison Falls where you can have a close look in to the gorge where the Nile squeezes in to a 7 meter gorge dropping 40 meters. The falls are spectacular and thunderous with a beautiful rainbow displayed on sunny days.

Later drive back to Kampala and transfer to the airport to catch your flight back home.

YAT 01 7 days primate safari

Where to go: this safari gives you the opportunity to visit the most important national parks in Uganda for primates viewing, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National Parks.

What activities & attractions: During the safari expect to take the Gorilla tracking walk and the chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest. You will do a lot of birding and game drives in private vehicles along the Queen Elizabeth National Park, including the boat cruise along Kazinga Channel

Who can do it: anybody can join this tour itinerary, though the gorilla tracking can be generally the most demanding activity in terms of readiness to walk for many hours in the tropical rain forest on steep terrain, and sometimes raining through the hike.

When to go: Generally, all the year long is possible to undertake gorilla tracking and game drives in Uganda. The dry seasons are most likely to guarantee a better road conditions in the parks. discounted permits are sold in April, May and November.

Day 1

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be met by our representative who will transfer you to your hotel either in Entebbe or Kampala for your dinner and overnight.

Day 2 - Drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

After breakfast drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest via Mbarara, where you will have lunch at Igongo Cultural centre.At this center you can explore, the Ankole cattle and caltivation cultures.Later we continue to Bwindi in the evening for dinner and overnight at Bwindi Gorilla Resort - Nkuringo Lodge (C) or Buhoma Community - Kisoro Tourist Hotel (B). FB

Day 3 - The encounter with mountains gorillas

After breakfast drive to the gorilla tracking trail head for briefing at 8am. The forest is spectacular as it offers a dramatic sense of serenity, heavy dense forest rolling on the mist covered hilly landscape, the home to numerous Birds, primates herbivores and predators, which are a key attraction to tourists. This park is best known for the fascinating mountains gorillas. The time you'll spend before you are able to meet the gentle giants, varies 2-8 hours. The thrill of spending time observing mountain gorillas will change your attitude, life, and perception, so look forward to it. if you spent 4 or less hours in the tracking we will be able to visit the communities that live near the park.Then go back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 - Tree climbing lions of Ishasha

After breakfast you will drive north through Queen Elizabeth's Ishasha Sector to look for tree climbing lions only seen here in the world. It is an impressive sight to see the lions lounging and enjoying the warm Albertine rift breeze in either ficus, albizia or acacia trees.Later we will drive to any of the Rift valley escapement lodges for dinner and overnight. The escape commandeers great views across the park's rift valley savannah.

Day 5 - Boat cruise along Kazinga Channel and Lake Edward

After a cup of coffee, embark on an early morning game drive in Kasenyi sectors of Queen Elizabeth's national park, to look for lions, elephants, cape buffalo, warthogs, leopard, spotted hyena, mongoose, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, and a lot of birds. We will drive to Mweya safari lodge, on the banks of the Kazinga Channel for lunch, where you will enjoying lots of birds herds of animals swimming in the channel. . After lunch you'll enjoy a boat cruise the Kazinga Channel,( this is a 40km channel that connects lake George and Edward, both found in this park and in the rift valley) to see what this rift valley lifeline has to offer.some of them are, birds, cormorants, pelicans, eagles, as well as crocodiles, hippos, elephants. On our way back to the lodge we will visit the Katunguru fishing village on the Kazinga. late proceed to lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 6 - Chimpanzees tracking in Kibale National Park

After Breakfast, you drive to Kibale National Park( the primate capital of the world) for the chimpanzee tracking. Lunch will be in Fort portal. This is home to the largest populations of chimpanzees in Uganda and Africa. You will do the Afternoon tracking. Unlike Bwindi and Mgahinga the home of the mountain Gorillas, the terrain here is so gentle and tracking is not tedious

Day 7

Reserved to departure. BB

The tariff includes:

- Full board accommodation included one soft drink for the meals

- Ground transportation by 4x4 Land Cruiser

-English speaking Driver/Guide

- Gorilla and chimpanzee permits

- Entrance fees, taxes

The tariff does not include:

- Air ticket.

- Tourist insurance


- Extra drinks and tips.

Where to go: this safari takes you all around Uganda to visit Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi and Lake Mburo National Parks. Furthermore you can see the Source of the Nile and Bujagali Falls, Sipi Falls, Kasenda Crater Lakes and enjoy the scenery of Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale. The tour will end at the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria (Bugala and Bukasa), where you can relax in the uncontaminated beaches.

What activities & attractions: during the safari expect to take the Gorilla tracking walk, the chimpanzee trekking, the nature walk to Sipi Falls. At the Source of the Nile you can try out the white water rafting. You will do a lot of birding and game drives in private vehicles along the parks trials. The boat cruise is organized in Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mburo. Enjoy the navigation on Lake Victoria to Ssese Islands.

Who can do it: anybody can join this tour itinerary, though the gorilla tracking can be generally the most demanding activity in terms of readiness to walk many hours in the tropical rain forest. You are expected to enjoy nature walk in original forests and trials. If you are an adventurer and sports person, you can enjoy the rafting on the Nile or sport fishing in the Ssese Islands.

When to go: generally all the year it is possible to undertake gorilla tracking and game drives in Uganda. The dry seasons are most likely to guarantee a better road conditions in the parks, though will have to contend with dust.

Note: You can spend the other 3 days Exploring Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja or Lake Victoria

Is there a listing of all possible itineraries? Both of these sound very good, but it would be nice to see what the options are and what the total costs are for each itinerary. Assuming we find an itinerary we like, can we just choose any date we want and it will be possible to take the tour?

Also, would you recommend doing the gorilla tracking toward the start or the end of May? We can either leave almost immediately from Nairobi to go to Uganda or do this tour at the end of our month in East Africa.

The best would be to start with Uganda because the hotel fares will also be down

OK -- are you able to arrange everything (transport from Nairobi, accommodation, food, etc.)? If you could give us a total time and cost estimate for a trip into Uganda after the 5th of May, that would be great!

It fine, just give me the number of people and how you will be sleeping- how many couples are there.

Asuming you are two, each person will pay US$1,690 if you paid from here, but if there are any bank transfers yo add 10%. This for YAT 01 or 7 day primate safari.

For YAS 006 the best of Uganda safari, each person pays US$2,200, paying from here. The cost goes down as the number of people increases.

This costing is above budget and below luxury. it is fulboard.

Ian kindly in box me on my gmail [email removed]

He Ian, You never replied my massage, I need to know so that I can tentatively book permits and accommodation, for you. Mean while I will be sending the Kenyan Itinerary. Happy Easter holidays.

Hi Yampa -- sorry, we've been away in the Bolivian jungle for five days and just got back. It looked like before you were giving me different tour options from some kind of brochure or something? YAS 006 and so on? Is there a brochure you have that talks about each one of those?

Yas and YAT are yampa Africa tours, if you in box me on [email removed] I'm able send you more, thank you.

OK, will do

Hi Yampa,

Ian here looking for more information on your tours.




Yes Ian get ready

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to view the following document:

Tour Iteninarys for YAT

Kindly read and chose these are only for Uganda

It looks like only some of the tours list the prices?

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

15 Days Uganda Tropical Adventure

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

Distinations chat for Yampa Africa Safaris

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

YAS Uganda Birding home page

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

Yampa Africa Safaris Uganda 15 days

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

Tour Iteninarys for YAT

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

Tour Iteninarys for YAT

Check the Blue highlighted itinerary s I always remove the costs, for advisory purposes

Thank you

I'm recommending to you the following accommodation,

Bwindi National park- Lake Mutanda Resort,

Queen Elizabeth N.park- Bush lodge

Kibale National Park Primate lodge

Murchison falls National park - Heritage lodge

all lodges have working web sites, After checking them out and are satisfied with what you see, just allow me to go ahead and confirm the bookings.

I chose them for their service, location and African ambiance.

Thank you

Did you receive the rates?

Hello Ian Have you received any of my mails lately? How are you? I hope you had a great Easter holiday?

Hi Yampa,

We've received a whole bunch of stuff from you, so it's been difficult to sort through it all. We've been looking around at other places to try to get prices for something like a 14 day tour. We found an overland tour that's about 750 USD per person for that length. You can do gorilla trekking, although the permit is extra. From what I saw of the itineraries you had sent, many were a lot more expensive than that. Is there anything you have in a similar price range?


The overland tours are usually. rated as camping tours, I thought, you being with your wife you wanted something cozy and private, but manageable at something above budget.

Secondly the overland trips has over 15 people, where most running costs are divided across the whole group, Usually road transport, but you pay for your entrances and activity fees, whereby the trip ends at around $1800 per person.

What makes my trips cost that is the accommodation. for example you have an average of $180 per day for your accommodation and meals, its a full board trip, after paying you spend money when you want.

For 10 days you will be paying $900 per person for accommodation(check accommodation chat) and $ 1,190 for services and the rest is activity money ( gorilla and chimp tracking, park entrances, boat and hikes, community exploration) some of these can be cut out, and the accommodation changed to suite your budget, those costs are not fixed.

If there was a way of making that trip for 2 couples then you would really enjoy, the cost will come down, get met you probable budget and I will tailor a trip for you. We can also include camping in some areas though I do not recommend an all out camping trip for that long

Thanks Ian.

Hello Ian that safari is mixed, meaning it has luxury, budget and low

end. Kindly allow me to send you all costs.

Hi Yampa,

I'm really looking for some simplified options and at a low price. I would say that $1500 USD including *everything* is probably about as much as we were looking to pay (per person). Ideally this is for something in the 10-14 day range. Let me know if you have anything available in that range.


Yes Ian I have it, I'm using my phone let me get to a pc

I have been slashing on accommodation and activities to reach $1,500

per person, I have reached $1,800, the other thing I can not do is to

take you for camping only, this a rainy season, the nights become

really chilly. Your activities cost 1,190 dollars & accommodation is

$925 so each person will be paying $1,057 for the above , you will

meals while in transit and transport, now, I have mixed camping and

bandas and reached $1,785 per person. Kindly accept this cost Ian

Right, do not accept the first request take this, $1,697, you will be

tracking chimps in queen Elizabeth national park instead of kibale. I

have left the accommodation mixed to make sure you enjoy.

Forgive my gramatic errors they, it my phone grama


So does the $1697 include the gorilla tracking permit, or is that extra? How much of the total amount has to be paid in US cash? Where can we obtain US cash of the type required to make these payments?


Yes it includes everything, 2 gorilla and chimpanzee permits, 4x4

safari customized vehicle, proffessional English speaking guide/driver

all accommodation and meals, park entrances and activities.

All money is paid in US dollars.

Note that you have less than 4 weeks to the 5th of may I had got

gorilla tracking permits for the date of 7th of may. If you like it

allow me to confirm them.

Hi Yampa,

Are you saying the $1697 in USD is paid in cash? I'm not sure how to obtain that much cash here in Africa -- do you have any suggestions? I want to make sure I can pay for it before I agree! We have the money, but not in cash.


Also, can you please confirm which dates this trip would be on? When would we depart from and arrive back in Nairobi?



Oh, and one more thing: I'm assuming we need sleeping bags for this trip? Is there a place you would recommend renting one from? Or can we buy something cheaply somewhere?


Are already in Kenya?

The trip starts on 6th of may, it ends on 16th of may my contact in

Kenya is slow on arrangements. I have an account where you have to

send the money, try to text me on [phone number removed] so as to get the acc/

number. Its cheaper to transfer the whole lot but due security checks

it takes 2weeks to clear, enough time to confirm the bookings, the

rest will be paid on arrival. If you are in Kenya send ksh, it fine

Hi Yampa,

We don't arrive in Kenya until the 5th of May. Can we send you the money electronically after we arrive and meet in Nairobi?


No I'm in Ugandan, Entebbe, why don't you fly straight to entebbe, it

saves on fright costs, unless you have something To do there, the acc/

number is [account number removed]; the swift code is AFRIUGKA . Kindly call me

now, when you are going to send the money and after, its for security


Thank you.......

The bank is bank of Africa entebbe branch

Our flight ticket already takes us to Nairobi, so we can't change that. Are you saying we need to buy a ticket to Entebbe for the 6th of May?


If you talk to your airline, if its KLM or any other, they will either

fly you straight or put you on a connecting fright. You do not need to

by sleeping bags, its all covered, all you will need is, good hiking

shoes and rain gear, for mainly the gorillas and chimpanzee tracking

plus sun screen and insect repellent.

Unfortunately it's an airline reward ticket -- we cannot reroute it without paying a lot of money in change fees. We are flying into Nairobi and it sounds like we'd have to purchase a flight to Entebbe. Does the tour start and end in Entebbe? If so, we'd have to purchase a return flight which looks like it's about 250-300 USD per person?


Yes let me try help you there and see you can get some thing for less.

The tour starts and ends in Entebbe.

Get yourself on KQ or Kenya airways its $201 return to entebbe

Are the dates locked in as starting on May 6th? At what time do we have to be where? I am looking into booking the flights and want to make sure the timing works. We don't get to Nairobi until the afternoon of the 5th, so I want to make sure we have enough time to turn around and get to Uganda, especially if our flight is delayed or cancelled.


Also, how does the payment work? I'm not comfortable sending you all of the money for the trip before we meet up in person. Can we pay you once we all meet in Uganda? I should be able to transfer you the money over the Internet using the account information you sent, correct?


Kindly send me 35% so that I can pay for Permits and some booking the rest will be paid on arrival, in cash to avoid delays, I need more than 72 hours to be able to access such a transfer.

Let your

What time are you landing in Nairobi? Do not mind about the time, I will be there to pick you, it is 45 minutes flight from Nairobi to Entebbe.

Your Safari starts 0n the 6th early morning.

The internet is bad down here right now I should have sent you an iteninerary that would guide you sir. Its already tailored, for give me......

Hi Yampa -- I really need to know what times the whole trip starts and everything. I'd also need to know the trip total if you want 35% sent in advance. It's asking a lot, though, because I've never met you! I have been receiving your emails and have been replying to them. I sent you a few questions but you had only responded with an answer to one of them about a deposit. I'd like further details on starting and ending times and locations. The flights to Entebbe seem reasonably priced, but we may not have enough time to get there after our flight lands on the 5th if you want to start the tour on the 6th.

Do not scare me Ian what questions have I not answered, I gave you a cost of $1,697 p/person for 10 days which includes, gorillas and chimpanzee tracking, accommodation, entrances, activities- like boat trips on kazinga and river Nile, game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park. Remember you are dealing with a proffessional guide, who has no over head costs but charges the service I provide, which I'm grateful for. As I said the 35% is to partly pay for your activities, I don't want to come here and waste your time to lounge here waiting for money to mature. It takes time because the central bank cross checks with my bookings to ensure the money won't be used for subversive, activities to destabilize the government. Your gorilla tracking is booked for the 7th and it on purely friendly trust, so as much as you know me less I'm a proffessional who passionately loves my job, I will do anything to protect it. I appreciate and thank you for partially trusting me, I pray and hope you will fully trust me at the end of the safari.

Tomorrow l will send you the full iteninerary our power looks stable and the internet will be. If you can give me a call. [phone number removed] for any questions you fill I'm not answering.

What time does your plane land in Nairobi? Check on your flight chart, you have to spend the night in Entebbe on the 5th of may.

Its 45 minutes flight from Nairobi to Entebbe.

OK, I'll see what times flights are available on the 5th. I'm worried, though, that if our flight is delayed at all we will miss our flight to Entebbe and then everything will be messed up.

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

AS 006

Hello Ian Here Is you Itinerary for 10 days in Uganda, The cost I sent you on face book is not correct.

I'm sorry for the delay.

Open in Docs

Snapshot of the item below:

AS 006 10 days the best of Uganda Safari- 05-05-2015

Trip highlights: Nature, Culture, gorilla tracking, boat trips and game drives in Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, visiting the Batwa in Bwindi and Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest.

Day one: Arrival - Entebbe - 05-05-2015

On arrival at the airport, you will be warmly picked by our guide who will transfer you to your hotel of Choice. B/B. Preferably,Entebbe.

06/05-Day Two: Kampala - Bwindi - 640 km. 12hours

After breakfast, depart Entebbe for Bwindi impenetrable National Park, on our way we will have a stop to look at the local Drum maker( drums play an integral part in our cultures) ,before the Equator crossing - where you will have a coffee and be able to stand on both hemispheres of the earth, at once. We will continue to Mbarara by passing Lake Mburo National park to Mbarara, where we shall visit a museum, and then proceed to Bwindi for dinner and overnight at Bwindi View. Full Board. Lunch will at Igongo Cultural centre.

07/05- Day Three: Gorilla Tracking - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Full day

Note: it is highly recommended to carry waterproof clothing and good hiking shoes- Physical fitness is a requirement.

This morning you will have to wake up very early to get ready for tracking the rare and highly endangered mountain Gorillas, perhaps one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on earth. There are now only 840 individuals in the world, Bwindi has over 480 individuals

The tracking may take between 4 and 8 hours, through steep forested hills and valleys, there are tracking guides, assistants and rangers, Who make sure, your who make sure your hike is enjoy and successful, they interpret the flora and fauna and the lifestyle of the Gorillas. On the hike you will see so many forest birds, butterflies and plants only endemic here, an area that survived the ice age.

Depending on the time you spend in the forest tracking, if 4 or less hours, you will have a chance to relax at the camp or go for a Village walk to visit the Local Batwa Community returning to the Camp/ lodge in the evening, for Dinner and overnight. Full Board.

08/05- Day Five: Bwindi to Queen Elizabeth National Park. . (Approx. 5-7 hours drive).

After breakfast, you will transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park,through the Ishasha sector, you will drive north through Queen Elizabeth's Ishasha Sector to look for tree climbing lions only seen here in the world. It is an impressive sight to see the lions lounging and enjoying the warm Albertine rift breeze in either, ficus, albizia or acacia trees. Later we will drive to Kyambura gorge for chimpanzee tracking.(this gorge is a trough cut in the floor of the rift valley floor, with a river flowing down there and a rich tropical forest that harbours around 25 chimpanzees. It like an island in the ocean.

, Queen Elizabeth is a wonder of melodies, it has the highest biodiversity concentrations per square kilometre in Africa, - from the open Savannah to Rainforest, dense Papyrus Swamps, Crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward flats in Ishasha and rocky kopjes atop volcanic hills.

Almost 100 mammal species that include Lions, Hippos, Buffaloes, Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Elephants and the elusive Giant Forest Hog plus remarkable 606 bird species that include the Shoebill Stork, Black Bee-Eater, Chapin's' Flycatcher, Bustards, and craters full of Lesser Flamingos,Black Chested Eagle, the Swallow Tailed Bee Eaters, to mention but a few.

The Primates include Chimps, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Blue, Black Faced Red Colobus, and Red Tailed monkeys and Olive Baboons.

Reptiles are the amazing huge Rock-Python, Puff adders, Spitting Cobras, Gabon Rippers, Green Mambas, etc. All these are regularly sighted around the park.

. Overnight will be at Bush lodge/ Kazinga view lodge/ buffalo lodge Full Board.

09/05- Day Six: Queen Elizabeth.

This morning, we will have a game drive to the Kasenyi sector, to look for Lion prides and other wildlife like the Uganda Kob, water bucks, hyenas' leopard and many more. You will return at the Lodge for breakfast.

Then go for the afternoon boat trip along the Kazinga Channel. Hippo that huff and spray mere feet away from the boat, Buffalos, Elephants that will be enjoying their afternoon baths in the channel, plus a tremendous variety of birds that grace the bushes along the shores and waters, they might include, Great White and Pink-Backed Pelicans, Great and Long-Tailed Cormorants, Open-Billed Stork, African Jacana, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers and many more. December to March offer spectacular sightings of some of the migrant birds. Overnight will be at Bush lodge/Kazinga view/ Buffalo lodge. Full Board.

10/05- Day Seven: Queen Elizabeth National Park- to Kyenjojo, . (Approx. 6-9 hours drive)

After Breakfast you will do a morning game drive and later transfer to Kibale Forest National Park. Kibale Forest is a large protected block of rainforest, which has the highest concentration of primates in Africa (hence the primate capital of Africa) such as Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Red Tailed monkey and Red Colobus, to mention but a few. There an optional swamp walk in Kibale, before continuing to Kyenjojo centre, a place named after Elephants, for dinner and overnight, at Toro royal Cottages.

11/05- day Eight- Murchison Falls, National park

After Breakfast we transfer to Murchison falls- through the rift valley floor and Bugungu gate, we will have travelled along the western Albertine rift ridge, through villages and wildlife reserves. Overnight will be at Red chilli camp/ Heritage lodge. F/B

12/05 - Day nine: Murchison Falls.

After breakfast, we will go for an early morning game drive in the Nile- Albert delta plains where you have chances of viewing Lions, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Buffalo and Elephant as well as many of the other mammals of the park. For the bird enthusiast , these areas support a good number of savannah species, among them are the Secretary Bird, Black Chested Snake Eagle, Tawny and Martial Eagles Carmine and Swallow Tailed Bee-Eaters, to pick just a few. This is a beautiful drive across Borassus Palm Forest and grassland savannah down to Lake Albert where the Albert Nile heads north to the Sudan.

In the afternoon, you will go for a boat trip to the base of Murchison Falls where the Nile thunders through a small 7-meter gap, or down river to the delta where the Nile empties into Lake Albert. This is an experience not to be missed! The banks of the Nile are home to many wildlife species. You may see huge Nile Crocodiles, big schools of Hippos and other wildlife that may come down to drink from the river. Back to lodge/camp for dinner and overnight.

Full Board.

13/05- Day Ten: Murchison Falls - Kampala. (approx. 6 hours drive).

Early game drive to the Top of Murchison Falls where you can have a close look in to the gorge where the Nile squeezes in to a 7 meter gorge dropping 40 meters. The falls are spectacular and thunderous with a beautiful rainbow displayed on sunny days.

Later drive back to Kampala/Entebbe, where you have a day or two, to do optional activities, like Visiting the source of the Nile, white water rafting on the Nile, fishing on Africa's largest lake Victoria.

Costing- Mixed Budget / Ordinary -Couple- US $ 1,7695 per person

The safari packagecost to include the following:

- Transportation by a 4x4 station wagon.

- Full board accommodation as per the itinerary

- Three-hour boat trip along River Nile.

- Park fees

- Ferry crossing

- Driver/guide subsistence allowance.

- Ranger guide fees

.The cost of optional activities are paid are not included in th Package cost,

The package to exclude expenses of personal nature like: drinks, laundry, tips, telephone, cigars, etc.

[phone number removed] all time telphone

This number doesn't make any sense. You're now saying it's $1,7695? Is that $17,695? Or $1,769.50? Or something else? Why has the price changed? You've been quoting me $1697 for days.


Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to edit the following map:

Entebbe to Bwindi national park,

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to edit the following map:

Entebbe to Bwindi national park,

,I thinks it good if I send you the map of your safari route, I cant build the whole map of the route your trip, so there is another one.

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to edit the following map:

Entebbe to Bwindi national park,

Oh no.. Its the other way round- $1,697 I'm so sorry,

Have you got the maps?

No if you fail to get a flight that can fly you in Entebbe before 20:00hrs, book the one that fly in at 06:00hrs the next morning.

Hi Ian, you are yet to instruct me to confirm the bookings on the trip, kindly do so.

When you land get yourselves an East African visa it cheaper $100 other than paying $60 for each check in.

What date/time should I book the return of the flight for?

The 15th after a certain time?

I want to make sure we can get a reasonably priced flight before I confirm the entire trip

Book the 16/05/2015 as the return date


Any time?

Let me wait for the price

OK -- I'm seeing $300 per person here, not the $200 you seemed to be able to find?

Try Rwanda air and Africa air

What's Africa Air's website?

Try to Google it I'm asking friends in air lines


I don't know if "Africa Air" exists?

It does only a new airline and the sadness about it is its Somalia owned.

Ah, OK...


Is taking a bus a terrible idea?

I see buses that are about 10.5 hrs

Much cheaper

Could we meet you in Kampala?

I see a 7:30pm bus from Nairobi to Kampala

8pm departure, actually

Its a good Idea, but after all that time on the road and you do another 10+ hours and then track the gorillas, it may need rescheduling your tracking.

Yes, we would likely want a day of rest

Before getting started

We could take the bus that first night (the 5th), but would probably want the day of the 6th to be free to relax

Then we could start the tour on the 6th?

Would something like that be possible?

Sorry, on the 7th

What you do send me the money, so that I book Authoritatively on that, with my experience and contacts may be. You may need a day of rest before you travel, the last thing I pray is to have my client collapse before or after tracking.

Lets do it that way, send me the travel times and avoid eating things on the way unless you have cooked it. I'm going to start changing bookings, though after sending me money it will easier that way.

I'm trying to figure out how to do a bank transfer

You don't take a credit card or anything?

I can send you a Visa transfer

Which will work if you have a valid visa debit or visa credit card

$2500 max, so I would have to send two

It looks like if you don't take credit card/debit card then my only option is to do that visa transfer

Kindly do a bank transfer, the surcharges will be to much.

Yes do 2 transfers, thanks.

The visa debit/credit transfer?

You need to have a valid visa card for it to work

I need to know the number of the visa card to transfer to

Just transfer it on the bank account if you can

I pay a fee -- there shouldn't be a surcharge to you

It's a flat fee to me

There shouldn't be any surcharges

Can you try to speed up your responses here?

I've got some things to do tonight and I want to wrap up this conversation

I guess we can talk about this tomorrow or over the next couple of days

If you do a card transfer I will loose so much money in surcharges, there are to many people to pay here, our economy is a cash economy. Every credit is charged.

Its ok, I have realised this the only time we really communicate, have a good night.

Oh every transaction I make is charged. If

I pay 4 lodges I will part with 10% on each payment. Just transfer it to the bank account, we will be happy. About the delay in replys I was driving home from work.

I can't transfer directly to a bank account

The transfer to visa is the best I can do

As far as I can tell, the transfer will appear as a credit to a visa in your control

Whether debit or credit

So it's just the same as having it in a bank account

I do not understand these things of visa and credit cards it new here, frankly speaking. I have never handled a client who pays me in that way. Trying it out on your safari is the last thing I would not want to do. I have just talked to banker and he says it the same. I will give you more details about it tomorrow. All Is I can use my credit card to by things from abroad and I have to first put money on my bank account.

Our card are ATM CARDS.

ATM cards bare our account numbers

OK, well I have no idea how to send you money then

I can't initiate a wire transfer without being at my bank branch

And I can't be at my bank branch while I'm here in South Africa

Give me some time

My bank has told its possible when you use transfer wise. Log onto

Unless you are limited by your overdraft

Cool, I'll look into it

Doesn't look like I can send from Canada? I can send from the US, which MIGHT work because I have a US dollar credit card. But it won't let me send to Uganda...

If you take a look at the target countries, the list is fairly small

Is PayPal possible?

Also, I'm thinking the best plan would be for us to arrive in Kenya on the 5th, stay over one night, take a bus during the day of the 6th to Uganda, stay a night, and then start the tour on the 7th. What do you think?

Hi Ian, sorry for having not replied on time I traveled, and I had no internet.

I had pushed almost booking and reversed , the trip starting from murchison falls so as to reduced on the fatigue due bus travel. The gorilla permits available are for 16/05/2015. Let us do it that way. It will be a good chance for us to meet before the trip. If its fine kindly confirm.

Sounds good to me. What day would the trip start on? The 7th?

As you said it begins on 7th May and ends 16/05/2015

I have never used papal

Though I think it works

OK -- I should send to [email removed]?

Yes, right now I'm running low on battery.

Can you make sure PayPal will work? I think you need an account for me to send money. I'm not sure what the fees are going to be like either.

The account is [account number removed] and the swift code is- AFRIUGKA. Send to bank of Africa Entebbe branch. it will work.

it works

That is not how PayPal works -- you can't send to a bank account

You send to an email address

You are asking for a wire transfer

I can't do one without visiting a branch of my bank, which I can't do because my bank is in Canada

I did not understand you, all you need is an email? Ok [email removed] is my email.

Then make sure you text other codes on [phone number removed]

Have you used PayPal before to receive money?

I want to make sure that you know it works correctly

Yes, the only snag it that the give you the money in local currency at their rate not the market rate.

Its much like money gram or western union

Right. Well, my account is a Canadian dollar account. If I send it to you in USD we might both get screwed on the rate?

What if I sent it in Canadian dollars and then it was just converted once?

Are you able to access money gram or western union, their charges are little big high but you get exactly what you need.

Let me check the Canadian rate and see

I can only send $1000 a day

It would require at least 4 transfers

Sorry, 5 transfers

Each at $20

So it'd cost me $100 to send you the money

Is that with paypal? Right now the Canadian Dollar running at 0.00042 to the Ugandan shilling

That's with Western Union through my Scotiabank account

It looks like I can do it online, but I can only send $1000 a day and it costs $20 per transaction

That is better, all you have to do is to instruct western union to deposite it at the branch I gave you.......

But I'm saying it's going to cost me $100 in fees to send it

Are you willing to split the difference?

Reduce the cost of the trip by $50 and I will pay $50 in fees?

I will lose 6% from the total which I can not transfer to you Ian. Kindly bare it

Which first name and last name is it being sent to?

1st Balya DA

2nd Baliija Yampa

Good morning Ian you did not communicate yesterday, are you alright?

Yes -- no Internet here until just now. I should be able to send a first payment tonight from Swaziland assuming I have Internet.

Kindly text me if you do send

I just sent 999.99 CAD

9974080753 is the money control number or MCN for Western Union

Answer to the security question is "Gorilla"

I entered your first and last names as you described here

Let me know if that one goes through properly

If so, we can use the same method to pay for the rest

Let me go try it out

Do you have a reference number ?

You sent me a wrong number kindly re send a correct one

We become tourists

Kindly provide me with your mobile tel. No.


The one I sent previously was correct

I sent it through my bank, so maybe it takes a day or so to get to Western Union?

I'm not sure, but that should be correct

What do we need to do regarding visas into Uganda?

In thart you going to be in East Africa buy a single tourist visa

Be ready to cancell the transaction if the code fails today. You should also go on the western union website to track your transaction.

If you still in Swaziland get time and check with them to see if the code is correct. Kindly use mobile phone sms when sending this stuff.

Tour Iteninarys for YAT

Hello Ian this your Uganda Itinerary, you are free to as many questions as possible.

I do not have a mobile phone

I will forward you the confirmation -- the number is correct

[PDF attachment of Western Union Confirmation]

I even tried to track it on the western union website and couldnt open.

Mean while I've sent you the iteninerary on your gmail. I'm on alot of pressure from the permits people and accommodation guys.

It's the 10 day one, I'm assuming

Yes its the ten day one

OK -- multiple ones are highlighted

No this has your name on it

My bank has locked me out of my account

I'm assuming they've frozen my account because I sent a transfer for the maximum amount to Uganda

I don't know for sure yet, but I can no longer log into my bank online and I have to call them

The Internet is too shitty here to call over Skype, so I need to find another way

I will try to get ahold of my bank and get them to unfreeze my account

Then the transfer will either go through properly or I will resend it

I will let you know what happens

So what do we do?

The time you had choosen was some how good if you can avoid any delays, it will good.

I'm doing my best

OK -- it should go through within the next 5 to 10 minutes

My account is unfrozen again

That's alright.

Should I try now

What you do try to communicate with your bank. I had confirmed most of the bookings, I supposed to part pay them today. Most banks close at 1500hrs +gmt

I have received and with drawn the money and I'm paying for the

gorilla permits tomorrow, the balance is $57


it looks like I sent you an unedited itinerary

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to edit the following document:

Travel with Yampa 10 days Ian Safari

Open in Docs

Snapshot of the item below:

Yampa Africa tours

[phone number removed] [email removed]

People to people (P2P)

Your friends to your friends- forever to be friends

Uganda AFRICA mixed SAFARI 10 days budget safari

DAY 1: Arrive and transfer to the Botanical corner guest house, UWEC Bandas BB.

DAY 2: Begin the spectacular drive north, through many small towns of Luwero and Nakasongola the site of liberation gorilla war that brought the present government to power, visit the Rhino sanctuary (optional) then to Masindi for lunch then continue to Murchison falls national park. Check in any of the lodges on the Nile banks, for, overnight and dinner.


Enjoy a wild dinner, under the stars and afterwards, lose yourself in the fascinating sounds of the wilderness. FB

DAY 3:

Early morning game drive in the Nile, Albert Delta area, to look for lion leopard Elephant buffalo and many more, up to 11.00am if we are lodging on the southern bank and 12.00pm if lodging on the northern bank, then come back for lunch and later enjoy a boat trip to the base of the mighty Murchison falls and hike to the top of the falls -later returns to camp for a barbeque /dinner and enjoy some captivating folklore at the camp fire.

DAY 4:

Drive south to Hoima- thru the rift valley and Bugungu wildlife reserve, over night in Fort Portal after, a long day's drive- lunch will be Kyenjojo, Toro royal Cottages.

Day 5

Early morning drive to Bigodi for a beautiful rewarding birding swampa walk. Have an early Lunch and Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National park. Through Kamwenge, Kitagwenda, Mahyoro and Kyambura game wild life reserved- enjoying breath taking scenery, overnight at Kazinga view.

Day 6 Queen Elizabeth National Park ( 600 bird species)

In the morning we go for a game drive in the Kasenyi sector, to look for lions, Uganda kobs, leopard, elephants, Buffalo, and visit homesteads,/crater lakes /and swamps, with lots of scenery, birds and varied cultural life in this area. Lunch will be at Mweya peninsula and later in the afternoon we go for boat ride on the Kazinga channel( 40km channel that's is the life line of the this dry savanah Rift floor joining lakes Goerge and Edward. and later do evening game drive.. In the Afternoon we go chimp tracking- in Kibale national park, an alluring activity that where you meet your DNA primate closest cousins. It's a memorable experience. Overnight at any the lodges/camps around Kibale national park.

DAY 7: After breakfast (with packed lunch) we go chimp tracking- in Kyambura gorge, a rift valley feature that harbors a tropical rain forest and home to humans' DNA primate closest cousins. It's a memorable experience. After tracking we transfer to Bwindi, Through Ishasha the home of the tree climbing Lions. Overnight Bwindi View.

DAY 8:Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

After an Early Breakfast, with packed lunch, we go for, Gorilla tracking briefing before we transfer to tracking trail head. - if it is for whole day activity, you will rest at the camp, but if it is a half day activity we will do a community exploration(optional) before dinner,.

DAY 9: mid morning we drive through the Kigezi highlands enjoying the scenery arriving at Lake Bunyonyi in the late afternoon for a late lunch, and overnight at any of the island of beach resorts.

DAY 10: Transfer to Entebbe/Kampala through Mbarara and Lake Mburo ( optional) for late afternoon game drive before driving on to Entebbe/ Kampala overnight at Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

US $1,697 per person

Optional activities are paid for by the client.

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to view the following document:

Travel with Yampa 10 days Ian Safari

Enjoy your trip- the place you will be sleeping at in Entebbe is called Uganda Wildlife Education center

Kindly send me your wife's name

We need your passport numbers, nationalities if they differ and date of birth.

[passport and date of birth removed]

Thank you I will pick the permits on the 3rd of May. Is it possible if we also close the accommodation?

I'm a bit nervous about visa issues. We're Canadian, so I want to make sure we don't have any troubles with that?

We'll do whatever you recommend for accommodation

Do you need another payment?

Yes please I need another payment, you will not have any visa troubles. I want you to have good accommodation so I need to pay for it.

OK, sending another payment

So I don't need to do anything in advance for the Uganda visa? I can just take the bus over and we'll be given a visa when we cross the border from Kenya?

MCN 2448592284 is the latest transfer

You should pay for tourist visa on landing at Jomo kenyatta airport, it should be an East African tourist visa, you will not need any other visa to enter Ugandan

Kindly send me the question and answer and may be the transaction confirmation doc. It did wonders last time

Unfortunately I can't send the same confirmation because the Internet stopped here during that process

The answer to the security question is still Gorilla and the MCN is the one I gave you


Another thing to sort out: our bus will bring us to Kampala not Entebbe -- is that OK?

Once we get your confirmation we can buy our bus tickets to get there

We'll be travelling on the 6th, so we'll arrive in Kampala by 5pm on May 6th

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to edit the following document:

Travel with Yampa 10 days Ian Safari

Ok. your accommodation will be in Entebbe. so I will pick you All I need is to know the bus. Mean while I got the money and I'm paying for our accommodation. If you can send another transfer.

OK, I will send one tonight

Do we need anything other than cameras, clothing, etc?

Sleeping bags?

I will let you know bus details once we're booked later tonight

MCN for latest transfer is 2653880407

Good morning Ian, I hope you are fine and good health, by today accommodation will be soughted. I have received the last transfer. If you can send another transfer . I will send you the final accommodation

OK -- I had a side question. Will we ever get close enough to the Rwanda border to cross over into the country? Just thought it would be fun if we were close.

And just to check, you've received 3 transfers so far, correct?

Yes I have received 3 Transfers equal to 2148 US D. We will get clo

I have sent 3000 CAD, which is the equivalent of 2493.45 USD

We will get close to the Rwanda border 35 or so km. We may need special arrangements

I figure if we have the visas, we might as well take a look if possible!

I will send another transfer now

MCN 7453745886

Good Afternoon Ian, I figure you are chilling, I have withdrawn the 4th transfer Kindly do the other transfer. Your transfers equall to 999.99x4= 3,999.96 Canadian dollars, so it its US$ 3,173.

the Canadian dollar is averaging at 2,380 and the UD dollar is averaging at 3,000

below is the accommodation and meal plan, detail on your safari.-

6th-Day 1- UWEC- Uganda Wildlife Education Centere Bandas- Entebbe- Bed only( I Pay for dinner)

7th-Day2- Red chillie Camp- Murchison falls National Park( bed only-I pay for dinner and Break Fast)

8th-Day 3- Red Chillie camp- Murchison falls NP Bed only( I pay for all meals)

9th-Day4- transfer to fortportal- Rwenzori travellers- B/B

10th-Day5- Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park- UWA cottages bed only( I pay for Dinner)

11th-Day6-UWA Cottages. ( I pay for all meals)

12th- Day7- Transfer to Buhoma- Bwindi view lodge- Half board

13th -Day8- Bwindi view- Full board

14th- Day9 -Lake Bunyonyi- Bushara Island- fullboard.

The 15th May ei the end of this trip, but you also hinted on going to Rwanda, its at this point in our trip that we are very close to Rwanda Kindly tell me what you need to see in Rwanda. the options are as follows- genocide memorial visits in Ruhengeri, Kigali and Ntarama, all one day's drive from Kabale/ Lake Bunyonyi.

on that note make sure you purchase the east Africa tourist visa when you land in Nairobi.

I need to arrange accommodation and vehicle cross boarder documents, reply in time.

You pay for meals while on Transit

Hi Yampa -- just got your email

Can you please tell me where you're getting your currency conversion rates?

I just use Google and type things like "3999.96 CAD in USD", which gives me 3289.98 USD

It also gives me that 1 CAD = 2463.40 UGX and 1 USD = 2995.00 UGX

These are quite different than the rates that you're quoting

Nyamata seems like a good memorial from what I've read, and it sounds fairly close to Kigali

I'm also a bit confused about the trip duration -- it's supposed to be a 10 day trip starting from the 7th, right? So it should be 7th to 17th?

And also I'm not sure what you're saying about the meals here -- it looks like on a bunch of days you only pay for dinner. What are we supposed to do for the other meals? You had told me that this trip would cover everything but now we have to buy meals?

My internet broke before i responded to you. if you check your WU transfer confirmation forms each states a different rate average it that what I have here. Yes Nyamata is 25km out of Kigali on the burundi road its good.

From my perspective, I've sent just under 4000 CAD, which is the equivalent of about 3290 USD as of right now. That's what is gone from my bank account. The price you quoted was 3394 USD, which would require me to send another 128 CAD or so to complete the payment.

Should we have a phone call or something?

I'd like to figure this out as soon as possible

I'm not very comfortable with the current setup

What happens is when the system recieves your money it does 2 things converts it to the trending exchange rate of that country at the moment and the tally it against the US dollar. remember this goes through foriegn exchange trading routes. like western Union. that is where it becomes tricky. if wester union was giving me the transfer in canadian dollars we would at per but thats the snug. Initially you had told me that you were to loose 50 CAD how had figured that out? what is making you worry was my biggest concern if you recall our communications then. Those transfer companies use agents to effect a transfer I personally I have lost 6% of each transfer because Western Union's rates are 6% less the market rates- plus the limitations of how much to transfer- it big money politics. that can be discused here.

I had agreed to send the equivalent of 3394 USD via Western Union. It seems now you're asking for more because you lose something on the transfer. Is that correct?

This method of talking is way too slow -- I can't sit at my computer and wait for responses.

I have already paid about $80 in fees -- each time I send a transfer it costs me $18.95

The rate you said you're getting in UGX is 2400, and the rate I think the CAD is worth is 2460 -- that's only 2.5%, not 6%

You were already expecting to lose 6% when we agreed on the price -- that's why you wouldn't help me pay for the transfer fees

No I only take 3394, USD thats when the trip is manageable, even when I lose the 6% look your first transfer was at UG sh:2,362,355 compare it with the rate you have and it was CA $999.99 the 2nd was Sh2,381,000 but all this against the USD.

Even that first one is only 4%

The next is 3.3%

Do you agree 3394 USD in UGX is 10165030.00?

Assuming nobody is "losing" anything

Actually the 6% loss came you talked of Pay pal and western union. Therer other costs whic I can never even talk of for example I have to phyically visit my bank to recieve that money and still manually transfer it to accounts of lodges activity companies an so on where as if it had been a direct bank transfer I would have used my phone massages to pay every thing

Do you agree with my original statement about the value of the USD in UGX?

3394 USD = 10165030 UGX


it is 3394 is 1018200- averaging at 3000, thats the safe zone that is why I was averaging the CAD at 2,380, even when I recieved 2362 to 2460- so the rates run from 2800 for the USD to 3160, it would very un reasonable if I stuck the rate to the floor or ceiling

Fine, let's say 10,182,000

If you were to lose 6% on that

You would get $9,605,660.38


Yes but the 6% is lost only on the money I directly earn out of the safari of 10,182,000I'm earning 1,500,000 so thats where I lose the rest of the money is for services you have paid for. for example the gorilla permits they losse nothing neither do yo.

Let's leave the money issue alone for a minute. Can you please talk about food and number of days?

You had promised 10 days and everything included.

deduct that volume off 1,500,000 so I will earn 889,080, I will have lost 610,920.

Let's put the money aside for a minute. Can you please talk about food and number of days?

Can we talk on the phone?

The typing is very slow.

Everything is supposed to be included Ian, the only snug comes in due to the transfer charge I incur, what you may not know is I do not gain any favours from an agent transfer because they pay taxes and hence charge as such. things actually change when you said you far from your bank and would use western union. the food in transit is let say fro Entebbe to Murchison, its a whole day tranfer, I usually leave that to the clients and the eat a decent dinner at the lodge, I can not dictate and determine how hungry one would be. and some times where lunchtime finds us may not have a meal foriegn tourist can enjoy.

if you want it off I can take that it not much

We don't want food removed, we want food included every day.

the number of days start from the day you come to the I drop you as per itinerary. your days Start on the 6th May, I have used your money to pay for accommodation, and meals

I said long ago that the trip should start on the 7th and you agreed. We don't arrive on the 6th to Kampala until around 5pm.

We need the day of the 6th to get to Kampala

Can you see why I'm uncomfortable with this? It looks like it's more money than we'd agreed, it's less time, and it's missing food.

I will pick you its 38km but take about 1-2hrs to Entebbe, book you inn, get a simple briefing, go for dinner, you be staying in a semi wilderness place, you will need to driven up to when you sleep, so some of those services are charged. S

It's been very frustrating for me trying to do something I thought would be very simple.

I just wanted an all-inclusive 10 day safari. But now it's more like 8-9 days with food we have to pay for at a higher price than what we'd agreed.

The day in Kabale / lake bunyonyi before Rwanda is the 9th day the tenth day we will transfer to Kampala or Entebbe if you cancell Rwanda. I had left it out for you to make a decision

OK -- but that's still counting the 6th as a day. We're taking a full day bus ride that day and not arriving until the evening. We had agreed to start on the 7th, but now you're counting the 6th as one of the 10 days.

I do not want you to feel like that can you still access the itinerary, the non reversed, and the reversed? read them please. I said I can take the food.

This is what you said to me on April 19th: "As you said it begins on 7th May and ends 16/05/2015"

Ok let me take out the 6th, come pay for accommodation, meals you will pay for transfer from the bus terminal to your place of aboard, and may be miss on the, detail explanations of how and where and when to .... the meals are not yet paid for but the accommodation is fully paid for we can reserve it for the day we return. but I have tocommunicate now.

I'm not sure what you mean by "and may be miss on the, detail explanations of how and where and when to ...."

That was when you were supposed to track on the 8th of May .

How about we pay for our accommodation on the 6th and any meals. But we won't count it as part of the trip, so the trip will end on the 16th.

That is more like what we expected.

I stay 38 Km from Kampala, in Entebbe, It would uncultured of me to leave you out there and meet you in the morning.

Yes that means you have an extra service day with out an activity and which you can decide on.

If you insist on meeting us the evening we arrive then that would be nice. But our agreed-upon tour ended on the 16th of May.

Actually it was so because I expected you to arive on the 5th.

But I told you we were not. I told you we were taking a bus on the 6th and that we should start on the 7th. And you agreed. You can check our conversation from April 19th.

What are our options if we cancel entirely? I'd like to avoid it, but trying to arrange this is taking way too much time.

I'm getting very frustrated at how long this is taking to figure out. I thought we had everything figured out, but now there's food missing, we're apparently starting a day early... it's all messed up.

Yes Do not get annoyed I'm accepting every thing as you wanted why are you talking about cancelling, I will not discuss it. all I'm asking you is accept to be picked from the bus terminal to Entebbe and the we kick off our trip to MFNP.

Then when is the last day of the trip?

17th of may actually that is how is was Ian and it a city tour

OK. And what do we do about the food? Is it all included or are we paying for things along the way?

that I sad I'll cover Ian

OK. Thank you. Good, we've figured out those two things. Now back to money. I need to send one more transfer to you, we just have to agree on the amount.

One thing I should mention is that my wife is a vegetarian, so if we could get food that she could eat that's important.

As long as there's something without meat available for the meals, she'll be fine.

How much money in CAD do you think the next transfer should be?

That is wonderful we request for that type of information on briefing day and she'll be asked at every lodge we will be checking in.

Great. How much do you think is remaining for me to pay in CAD?

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has invited you to comment on the following document:

Travel with Yampa 10 days Ian Safari

Read this please

It is imperative you know how I have been recieving your money

1st -747CAD

1st-US$ 747, 2nd-US$754 3rd -$763 4th- US$761, this equalls to US$3,025. the balance is US$369. I have failed to convert it to CAD

I don't think that is correct. The first transfer was 2,362,355 UGX. You said the exchange rate was 3000 to USD, which makes 787 USD.

Using the same conversion rate of 3000, I have sent you $3,186.39 USD.

The difference between that and the total of 3394 USD is 207.61 USD, correct?

So that is what I have remaining to send.

Let me get battery on my phone and we communicate

Good morning Ian yesterday's issue of how much balance never ended. After discussing with my peers, we concluded it may never end. I have gone Back and read the WU transfer terms and conditions. If send me money today at a certain rate, by the time I withdraw that money 12hrs later I'm most likely to get more money than you sent or less. If it so happened that your money gained value in transit Im given the exact volume you sent but if it lost value I'm given less, the tranferer, keeps every thing, the agent has to find a way of making money off the sender and the receiver, they protect them selves by statements like money expected, other than money sent.

Please show me your math for how you arrived at the USD values you received. I have converted the UGX values from the USD exchange rate you gave me to get mine. I'm not sure how you got yours.

That value of the 747 is the central banks value. On which the market should oscillate, if a person walked up to me and decided to buy the dollars from me I would sold them at 3164 to be able to buy dollars that value. I make it 3k to harmonize the transaction, because the accommodation saler is not a currency dealer I push them closer to the international rate to be able to services and taxes, other ways you may have needed to physical carry 3394 in cash down here.

I jumped out pay but its 2362355/3163 =747

Why are you now changing the exchange rate?

Yesterday you said it was 3000

Now you're saying it's 3163

If I check on Google it's 2995

I am already being more than generous by taking the 2.5% that Western Union cuts off, in addition to the transfer fees

With the math I showed you yesterday (which has me sending you 260 CAD as the final payment) you will get as many UGX as you said you needed: 10,182,000

Please confirm that is the correct number and I will send the transfer

I will tell you this keep that transfer, do it while here see if what you send is what I get. These guy get your money convert it to USD, which is 1000 CAD by 1.21600 then to tax it , your bank has taken 0.01; the actual value transferred is 908.35 which reflects as final pay out in CAD then the currency pundits start again to convert that value that date the value of cad to shillings was 21600.71 to the dollars US was 1.21600 which was 3163; kindly harmonize those rates excluding any transport and service charges and how many CAD You need to make 3394

The confirmations say how much you will receive in UGX

USD has nothing to do with this

All foreign currency is tallied against the USD to determine there value against a currency like ours. Secondly the services here are sold in USD so it's vital.

You have refused to accept that 3000 is my trading rate I use to buy you services in a low season like now. You want to use it to pay me for the service so where do you expect me to sh163; per dollar which makes it close to $92,

Actually it is expected pay which subject to so many things

I do accept that 3000 is your rate

That's exactly the rate I'm working with

Yesterday you said the amount you needed in UGX was 10,182,000

That's the number I'm working with

You have already been sent 9,559,169.00 UGX

That leaves 622,831.00 still to be paid

Which is 260 CAD

That's at the rate of 3000 UGX to 1 USD

Exactly that brings to where we will settle that makes it 3186.387 USD meaning the balance is 107.613. I do not set the rate at which I'm paid your money they give it to me with a fixed rate after being taxed. If you had done a direct bank transfer the value would have been 11,279,840 that is the actual safaris cost including nominal bank charges. You will have spent the figure I gave you....... As I said the people in currency would put it @ 2800 and below i push up to cover the transfer deficits caused by WU you are not supposed to use it you will pay less and your safaris will not be as expected. Actually I would asking you to give me 131.328 CAD because that's the stand rate of 107. 613USD at the rate of 3000

When I gave the volume of money I received, I would ask the bank to give it to me. When you finish harmonizing you will tell

Kindly convert 3394 into CAD simple and tally the transfer.

3394 USD = 5091 CAD You have transferred 3999.96 CAD meaning you have a balance of 1090.04 CAD

Sorry, but this is crazy. 3394 USD = 4126.43 CAD. Check with Google. You say it equals 5091 CAD. Those are very, very different numbers. That means that I still owe you 126.47 CAD. But you're asking for 1090.04 CAD. That's about 10 times the amount I should owe you. I have NO idea what kind of math you're doing. I am willing to pay up to 250 CAD (instead of the 126.47 CAD that I SHOULD owe you) to make up for the amount that Western Union takes on the exchange rate -- about 2.5%. That is already very generous, considering I'm already paying 100 CAD just in transfer fees. Please tell me whether or not you will accept 250 CAD or not. I will not send more than that.

I did not say you pay that, I was showing you the discrepancy of foreign currency from nation to nation. Hold that pay till the 6th Ian it will be ok.

What I gave you is what is on the money market in Uganda. Now or an hour ago

OK -- I can't take responsibility for what's going on in the Ugandan money market. You quoted me a value in USD. I will give you the equivalent amount in CAD.

It's that simple.

We will talk.

Sounds good.

Yes its good

Good evening Ian, do you which bus you will use?

If you have not yet, try easy coach or mash, they are good comfortable and reliable buses.

We are on Modern Coast

Try and ask where there terminal is in kampala

Dewinton street plot No. 5

Ok. On arrival I will there

Hello good evening, you must be tired, what time are you setting off tomorrow?

MCN 0022914084

315 CAD => 250 USD after losses from Western Union which I've covered

We leave at half past six. Thanks I got the transfer.


G'd night

Hello Ian good evening. I left in a hurry this morning.

I know there's no words or apology that can console you. But take hurt and forgive me......

We know you were doing your best and you were in a tough situation. Thanks for the message.

You are welcome

Hi Yampa, we hope you're doing well. We just wanted to remind you that we're expecting a refund of 180USD by June 17th (on Wednesday). Can you please confirm that you will send the money? PayPal to [email removed] would be fine. Thanks.

Let me try

Hi Yampa -- can you please give us a date by which you will pay? We haven't heard an update and it is now well past a month since our trip ended.

I have been on the road and Im still, the places luck internet of western union, sometimes even the time. I thought it was 140 not 180

It's definitely 180USD. Please send us a date by which it will arrive to us, thanks!

Hi Yampa -- it's been a week since I heard from you last. I can see that you have access to the Internet. Please be an honest man of your word and send us the 180 USD via PayPal within the next seven days. The email address is [email removed]. I just want this to be over with, so I will not ask again -- please pay us the money by July 5th. This is well past the time you agreed to refund us by (June 17th), so please let's just get this all sorted out and we can both move on. Thanks, Ian.

I'm sorry Ian we are holed up in Bwindi, the weather and roads are bad, same to net work hold on a bit

Yampa, please tell me exactly when you will send us this money. It's been almost a week and we haven't heard anything from you.

We are camped high in the virungas conducting gorillas census, usually get out late at around now and leave early before and after the banks are closed. I know its bad but I'll it as soon as we break.

When are you done with this census? I really need you to specify the date on which you will send the refund. Please tell me when it will arrive.

Census ends on Sept 20 and by the way I will deduct the accommodation of the first night, at Uwec because Im being taxed for it.

Absolutely not, Yampa. We had an agreement and now you're trying to change it. By what date will you send the 180 USD you've agreed to? Give me a firm date, please. I'm not waiting until September 20th to receive money you promised by June 17th. It's almost a month late already. You don't need to visit a bank to send a PayPal transfer, and you have access to the Internet. You have everything you need to send us the money -- no more excuses. Give me a firm date on which you'll send the money or we will accept that you have no intention of paying us back and proceed accordingly.

I will be out of the forest on 20th September 2015, I have already received tax invoices of the trips I have done and that accommodation is in its one of the reasons I had actually waited to see if I'm taxed.

There is no way to access my bank when I'm here and on top of that I can do a transfer after clearing with our tax body. the date will be September 22 I'm sorry.

You do not need to "access your bank" to send money via PayPal. You pay over the Internet, which you obviously have access to. Regardless, we will give you one last chance at this. September 22nd you will send 180 USD to me using the email address [email removed]. I will not debate with you about whether you can subtract some amount for "taxes". No -- you can't. You agreed to send 180 USD and that is the only amount I will accept. If you insist on changing that value, you can keep your money. We don't want it. Pay us the amount you promised or don't pay us at all. September 22nd -- make it happen.

The good thing you were here I can only access fb. So i pay you. And pay tax for what you refused to pay for, sounds interesting we will see then......

Hi Yampa. I see that you're in Fort Portal. You have access to a bank now. Please send our 180 USD within 72 hours. We've waited long enough.

I went to Fort Portal to deliver our payment vouchers. Be sure of receiving 120 dollars

Alright Yampa, we're through.

I will be publicly publishing our review with your name attached to it wherever I can find. I will detail the lies that you've told us including this most recent one.

All you do is lie to us constantly and I'm completely sick of it. You're not providing a date of payment and you're switching the amount you're supposed to pay. You made an agreement and now you're changing it.

I said when I lent you that money that I was worried you wouldn't pay it back. I was right. You swore so many times you would pay us 180 dollars US. That you would send us a refund after the trip ended because "that is the African way".

You're an asshole and a liar. You don't deserve to be in business. Shame on you. Keep your ill-gotten money. You are a shitty person and you continue to act like an absolute child.

Please continue running your business in this manner -- I guarantee it will come back to haunt you in the future if you continue to treat the people around you as you currently do.

I will stop focusing my efforts on trying to retrieve the money you stole from us and instead put it towards making sure you don't receive more clients who will be abused by you.

You make Uganda a worse place to travel and put a stain on your country with your attitude and actions. I was foolish to think I could trust you after all of the lies you told us.

I will learn from this experience, but I'm quite sure you won't learn anything at all and will continue to mislead those around you. What goes around comes around Yampa. If you believe in a God, I'm sure he doesn't approve of your behaviour.

I only hope that the people around you treat you with the same disrespect you treat them with. Until you start acting like an adult, that's all you deserve.

Being abusive and threatening me does not help you. Rather look back and see what service you got and never fully paid for. Car break downs are not lies but actual realities. What you never accepted is you always want things your way; but sometimes quite often know that the other party is incurring a cost far more costly than you may want to deny him.

I will accept your negative review but remember you and you know that you went against my advise from day one. I don't know what you would be saying if I had not picked you. If I had not picked you; you would have spent 100+ dollars but you feel paying 60 is death yet you got 1st class service. Suite your self when you will need the 120 dollars I will send it. Even when you refused to pay me for the Rwanda tour. The God you talk about sees through each of us.

Consider the Rwanda trip you refused to pay for $370 the transfer and accommodation at uwec $160 . you refused to pay $530. I'm only refusing to pay $60, being mean and selfish. In the first place you did a safari 2000 + dollars. I wouldn't mind any of the above but your attitude of inconsideration. I never intensionally spoil the vehicles, neither did I transfer there cost to you. I insist I will pay you $120 tomorrow.

It's all just lies, Yampa. I have been a man of my word throughout this entire ordeal. You have absolutely not.

You tell lie after lie after lie. You say you're doing a gorilla census until September 20th and you are stuck in the woods. It's bullshit.

If you learn one thing from all of this I hope it's that you learn to be honest with people.

We paid you far more than the original cost of the trip in Western Union fees. I covered ALL of the "6% loss" you also seem to think you were getting, even though it was only 2.5%. Those two costs alone had me paying more than 300 CAD more than I should have for the trip.

Then we LOANED you 180 USD. You agreed it was a loan. You said time after time you pay it all back. That we were lending you this money because you needed cash. And of course that's a lie also.

You said "The African Way" is to send a gift after the tour is over. Lies. I don't even know why I'm responding to you.

I'm not abusive or threatening -- I am exercising the only power I have which is to stop you from getting more clients.

You were abusive to US, Yampa. You were dishonest with us time after time. You seem to think you deserve all of this extra money for taking us to Rwanda. Or for setting up accommodation at UWEC. Those were part of the itinerary. And the night that WASN'T part of the itinerary was one that I TOLD you not to book -- the night of the 6th. You agreed to start the trip on the 7th. I have it in writing. And then you went ahead and booked it anyway and expect to be paid for it.

It's ridiculous. I think it's incredibly funny that you think I'm being "inconsiderate". How inconsiderate is it to take a loan from your clients, and then two months after you promised to pay it back you are still trying to change the amount? It's not 120 USD you agreed to, Yampa. It's not 120 USD we shook hands on. It's 180 USD and always was. You know that as well as I do.

We spent countless hours on the side of the road dealing with your ineptitude, for which you never really apologized. You work with sub-par equipment and don't know how to service it.

If you feel so cheated, Yampa, keep the money. We don't want it anymore. Just know that you have stolen it and broken your word. And without your word, you're nothing.

From the beginning I have been honest and open about what our expectations were on this safari. You have lied to us constantly and expect us to feel sorry for you. And even try to convince us that somehow we owe YOU money and you're doing us a favour.

You're just making these numbers up. I'm not surprised. It's not the first time you've starting making up numbers when it suited you. Suddenly it's US who owe you money, and it's the first time these numbers appear. After months of you agreeing to pay us the money, now it's us who owe you money and you think you're being so kind by not asking for it.

You have stolen from us, period. You took money from us as a LOAN, agreed to pay it back by a specified date (JUNE 17th!), and have not done so. Now two months later you're still arguing about it. I've said it before, but you should be ashamed. This is not a way to deal with people, Yampa. If you want to call me mean, selfish, and inconsiderate that's fine.

But I'm honest, and that's something you can never claim to be.

I say so due to the method your using on me, I have had to do extra actually to pay you, we had no business, now I have your money, but I too need to pay taxes. I wonder everyday what you have done that night, you arrived 6 hours past the agreed time and what it have cost you...

Yes -- we arrived six hours late for a pickup we didn't even ask for because you insisted on starting the trip a day earlier than we had agreed.

Your message doesn't even make sense and you're a dishonest man. End of story. You have yet to even refute that point -- that you've lied to us time and again. You keep trying to blame us instead of admitting that you're a liar who constantly misled us.

It's not even worth continuing to reason with you since you're either unable or unwilling to accept logic. I will let you know when I complete the writeup and you can read it for yourself -- perhaps then you'll understand why we're so angry with you.

In all likelihood, however, you will still think that somehow we have done you wrong. You will convince yourself that you have acted properly. And you will be wrong.

Until you realize that being honest and forthright is the only way to live both as a tour operator and, more importantly, as a person you will continue to reap what you sow.

Keep your stolen money. We don't want it. And even if I told you to pay me, you would still find a list of excuses a mile long as to why you couldn't. Or why the amount is different. Even though we agreed on an amount the night you left us. We shook hands and agreed. And now you try to change it. First to 140 USD. Now to 120 USD.

It's insane, Yampa. You're no better than a con artist. I can only hope you learn from this and become a better person.

Wish you the best

Your words are meaningless until you learn to live your life with integrity. I hope one day you realize how poorly you treated this entire situation. That's my wish for you.

Here's the review we promised you:

I Hate Yampa Africa Tours: A Very, Very Negative Review

The most negative review I could muster about a Ugandan safari gone horribly wrong.

Now good people out there and those in the travel and tourism industry, should desist from dealing with people who want a service to impress, or to show someone that they can.

Ian C Clarkson picked a service trip whose cost he realised later could not afford, financially but could afford by manipulation.

First he's a person who doesn't take advice, and a global activity transfer maniac- He thinks what he does in let's say Europe he can easily do in Africa. Its sad that you're feeling this way. What fails you is to differentiate between reality and what you want, you an exclusive safari, at, how much? You deliberately refused to read my advice, decisions and reply/s. I told you earlier that your mean and a user, this is clearly depicted in you're blog about me. For now I. Won't go in the break down of your horrible lies so as to achieve your want. Any one living in Uganda knows the rate of a Canadian dollar to our shilling. For example today it is 2,240 to a shilling while selling well as The US dollar is 3,560 to a shilling. What you failed to accept is that what you were paying for costs and is paid for in U S dollars. This is simple send 500 CAD using western Union to pay for 400 USD activity. Not to my bank account but to me, even against my advise, you have 1,120,000 UG shillings which I will again convert to USD it will be $314.61 USD. do the. Maths. Who do you expect to pay for you $84?

You refused to pay for the Rwanda tours which was in excess of $480 US . you were exchanging your Cad using your national rates, in Uganda. You travelled by bus, it was not bad, you went against my advice and booked what you was cheap but 8hrs more expensive. Mind you the bus decision was made 4 days after the 1st money transfer. Even after accepting my Loss and willing. To pay $120 of $180 after the trip you refused. In essence you still owe me $300 USD. I hated the way you manipulated me after the vehicle break downs. The only way to or cover the conversion deficit was to borrow from you... Other than abandoning. You on the trip. Just learn to be rational. And. Thanks. For writing about me.

Stop telling lies to make your fake stories. As much we had vehicle breakdowns you were able to do your safari successfully. I never knocked anyone, even when you made me drive you from Kigali to Entebbe from 14:00hrs to 23:00hrs. You were the 1400th client I have had in my profession. Its you're negatively attitude that you carry around you that make's you be so.

I'll take the bait and reply to this, Yampa. For anybody who'd like to know our full side of the story, please read the blog. Now here's a systematic takedown of your arguments.

- You say I'm a "global activity transfer maniac".

Guilty as charged. I don't know what it means, but it sounds fantastic.

- You say I "think what I can do in Europe I can easily do in Africa".

I have no idea what you're referring to here. We came to Africa explicitly because you cannot do these safaris elsewhere in the world. If, in another interpretation, you mean that I expect tour operators to be honest and provide the service I paid for, then I absolutely expect that in both Europe and Africa.

- You say I "deliberately didn't read your advice, decisions, and replies".

I read everything you sent to me via Facebook and email in its entirety. I also spent hours arguing in circles with you. Exactly what advice did you give us that would have stopped you from taking 180 USD as a loan from us and then not paying it back?

- You say you won't go into the breakdown of my "horrible lies so as to achieve my want".

Please do. I encourage you to point out anything I've lied about. I have been nothing but honest and open with you throughout this whole ordeal, whereas you have repeatedly lied and misrepresented the facts. It's all in the blog post. You don't seem to refute any of that.

- You say we didn't pay enough for the trip

I sent five transfers totalling 10,313,005 UGX. At the time of payment in late April to early May, the USD was never worth more than 3000 UGX. So we sent you at least 3437 USD in the worst case of exchange rate. That's 43 USD more than the 3394 USD which was the quoted cost of the trip. In your complaint, you've used today's exchange rate of 3560 UGX per USD which is over 18% worse than when we did the trip. We paid you in full for the trip at the price you quoted. In fact we paid you slightly more. Stop trying to say that we didn't. I can send Western Union confirmations for all of the transfers if you'd like to look over them again. I'm happy to add them to my review also. The math issues are taking place on your end, Yampa.

- You say we "refused to pay for the Rwanda tours which were in excess of 480 USD."

Funny how this is the first time I'm seeing this number. 480 USD. When we told you we wanted to go to Rwanda, did you tell us it would cost 480 USD extra? No, you didn't. Or we would have said we didn't want to go. You said, "OK. Just tell me five days before you want to go." We did that. Then on the drive to the border you told us you needed more money to cover all of the breakdowns. You didn't say you needed 480 USD for Rwanda. You've never said that number until today. You didn't pay for our accommodation in Rwanda. You didn't pay for our food in Rwanda. And yet we'd agreed the trip covered accommodation and food. We're not even asking for any of this money back. We just wanted the extra 180 USD we paid above the cost of the trip.

- You say we travelled by bus and it was not bad.

I agree. I never complained about the fact that we took a bus to get to Kampala from Nairobi. That was our choice and I'm happy with it. I am not blaming you for our bus ride into Uganda and I never have.

- You say you offered us 120 USD and we refused.

This is true. You offered to pay us 120 USD on August 14th. When we parted ways on May 17th, you agreed to pay 180 USD by June 17th. On June 21st you tried to change it to 140 USD. We refused. After another two months of back and forth with you I said we didn't want the money back anymore. I was tired of arguing with you about it. It's not worth the headache. I said we'd just write our review and be done with it. Then you offered us 120 USD. That's not what we agreed upon. I'm not accepting less than our agreement. I'm also quite sure that if I would have accepted, you would never have paid anyway. Because you have also promised to pay 180 USD and never did. This is how you operate.

- You say despite all the breakdowns we were able to "do the safari successfully".

We missed multiple sections of the trip completely (visiting crater lakes, hiking up Murchison Falls, an afternoon game drive). Other portions of the trip were severely crippled (such as a game drive in an SUV where only the front passenger could squirm through the sunroof to see, driving in a vehicle with heavily tinted windows that blocked any views). We also spent countless hours on the side of the road waiting for repairs instead of relaxing. Not to mention hours arguing with you during our meals about why you kept asking for more money. Any rational tour guide would have offered a sizeable refund for all of the trouble we went through. We didn't even ask for one -- just the extra money we paid you. If this is your definition of a "successful safari", then I think that might be the only thing your potential future clients need to read.

- You say you never hit anybody with your vehicle.

You did. A guy carrying a sack on the back of his motorcycle. You hit his sack, splitting it open and spilling its contents onto the road and almost knocked him over completely. Then you drove away after swearing at him.

And that's it! None of your arguments hold any water, Yampa. We could have sorted this out in the manner in which we'd agreed, but you couldn't make it happen. You made endless promises to us and didn't follow through on them. I didn't want to spend a ton of time writing a review of just how badly you treated us. Or writing responses to your ridiculous comments. I would rather we just met our obligations and left it at that. But the fact that months after the trip was over you were still stringing us along was too much for me.

I would like to thank Ian Clarkson from Canada, for publishing a negative review about Yampa Africa tours.

He is a very mean, non appreciative, a user and a very good liar, who will use anything to make his review sound or look true.

First he never had enough money to do a safari in Uganda, some friend reecomended him to a good guide in uganda, who was me.

these are things I learnt about him.

he was traveling on some ones money, he refused to take all due advice, rendered to him, he wanted everything to himself at vituely no cost, and he was a very good manipulator.

He refused to accept that the canadian dollar was 2, 393 shillings to the dollar, he claimed it was the same as the US dollar which was 3, 480 to the dollar.

I advised him to send money on my account but insisted on sending it to western Union. After the 1st transfer of 1,000 CAD he wanted the cost to include Rwanda(which he enventually refused to pay for) He refused to accept that gorilla tracking, park entrances and chimp tracking are charged in USD.

As much as we experienced several vehicle break downs (which often where promptly repaired or replaced)used it as an excuse to not to pay the money he owes me.

Can he tell the world why from day one he made funny hand gestures to his wife, everytime he asked a question or when I gave him information about something? can he publish the pictures of nature and wildlife he saw with me? Can he assure the world that the USD and CAD where and are the same rates, can tell the world that 4,000 CAD can not be equivallent to, 12,500,000 UG shillings and that he was supposed to send 5, 000 + Canadian dollars, including the lost currency conversion cost.

The one 400,000 shillings money he wants me to pay was advance payment for the Rwanda tour which he did not pay for eventually. He makes to stop trusting tourists like him. Mark you he and his wife that rarely mentions, in tthe review, were my 1,400th client to handle. I don't claim to be so good but he is to much of a liar.

So you decided to chicken out on reason when your review was voted trash and you the most primitive Canadian using modern tools and professional people?

[thumbs up image]

Try Facebook Messenger.

What? I have no idea what you're talking about. Our review is still posted. But thanks for the thumbs up. You should also try out Messenger.

The review was actually really popular. Lots of people looked at it. And we got a message of support from somebody by the name of "agaba" saying: "It is so absurd and such guides tarnish the uganda tourism industry". I couldn't agree more. Thanks for writing! Wish you the best.

Oh, and if anybody has "chickened out" that would definitely be you. You removed our review from your Yampa Africa Tours page. I was happy to continue to debate your side of the story, but you removed the post entirely. What a shame.

yeah they should red the blog, and they know your meanness and inability to accept facts. that 4,055 canadian dollars were10,647,000 Uganda shillings and not 12,890,000 uganda shillings that was required for you do a 2pax 10 day mixed safari in uganda including, gorillar and chimpanzee tracking. You went ahead and even included Rwanda WHICH YOU VEHEMENTLY REFUSED TO PAY($580). More so I have kept quite, bearing with your abusive language. Keeping quite and mantaintaing decency does not mean I can't talk for my self.

It seems you've taken this off from your page so it no longer displays somehow. I wish you'd leave it up. But sure, it sounds like you need the math done YET AGAIN:

- First of all, you do realize that exchange rates CHANGE OVER TIME, correct? You just said in your message that we sent you 10,647,000 UGX. At the time of the trip in early May 2015, the exchange rate to the USD was 3000 UGX to 1 USD. You can look that up if you want. So 10,647,000 was the equivalent of 3549 USD when we sent you the money. The price you quoted for the trip was 3394 USD. You are thus PROVING IN YOUR OWN WORDS that we overpaid for the trip. The exchange rate to the USD here in September 2015 is now 3660 UGX for 1 USD. That's a much worse rate than when I sent you the money. If you don't understand exchange rates, please do your homework before trying to say that we didn't pay enough money. We did. We paid more than you asked for. Any argument about that is absolute bullshit and you know it. Again, I'm happy to send anybody who's interested the logs of the Western Union transfers and their amounts. The exchange rate is easy to look up.

- We never "refused to pay for Rwanda". You never TOLD us it would cost any extra until we were 10 minutes away from the damn border. Even then, you just asked for money for "insurance and border fees". You said you needed a loan because of all of the breakdowns. And you never quoted anything NEAR this magical 580 USD you're now stating. Not once. You've only told us that we owed you money after the trip. And you know what? Anybody reading this can look at your FIRST message where you state that it was 480 USD. Which, even then, is ridiculous. Because that number was new too. But now you've changed it. You've gone ahead and arbitrarily added 100 USD to the price. You're an absolute moron, Yampa. Anybody reading this will recognize that you have no idea what you're talking about. I will happily argue with you all day if you want. You've kept the money you stole from us, and it's actually entertaining reading the ways you try to justify it.

Just be honest and open, Yampa. That's all we ever wanted. You're still proving yourself incapable of that.


I think your CAPS LOCK button got stuck there.

Yampa, you're still stuck on the math. Any argument that we didn't pay you enough is absurd. I won't prove it to you anymore. Go back to school and learn multiplication. Would you like me to send an image of the Western Union confirmations? I'll happily do it. Please ask. Or if you don't, I'll just do it anyway. Anybody with half a brain can see that we overpaid you for the trip. You got more than you asked for and you're still continuing to pretend that we cheated you somehow.

You did get other vehicles when we had breakdowns, yes. But you seem to imply that we should be happy that you did this "at no extra cost". Of COURSE it should be at no extra cost! Why would we pay for your vehicles to break down, Yampa?! You should refund people money when things like that happen! Our experience was made worse by your breakdown! You shouldn't think that it's a gift that you're not asking us for money to pay for your broken cars!

You did explain that we would be missing activities. But we still paid for them. We paid for the entire trip up front, Yampa. We weren't paying day by day. So you say that you weren't charging us for them. But you were. We paid for a set of activities and we missed many of them.

You did explain that we were using a guide and not a company. Is that some justification that your vehicles are allowed to breakdown and we should cover the cost? Why is this relevant to anything?

Hah! You're welcome, Yampa! Anybody interested can check out the details of our horrifically negative review here:

We think Yampa is a complete jerk, and we lay out a whole host of reasons why that's the case. Now let me tear down your latest comment here and deconstruct it.

- You say I'm very mean, a "user" and a very good liar. And that I'll "use anything to make my review sound or look true".

I think asking for a loan and then not paying it back is mean. Lying to your customers is mean. Those are things you did. We were honest and open with you about our expectations the entire trip. So hey, if you think I'm mean then you'll have to accept that you're even meaner. Not sure what to say about the idea that I'm a "user". I do use computers to prove you wrong, so I'm a "user" in that respect. You say I'm a very good liar. Please point out a single thing I lied about in my review. You've yet to do that. You say I'll use anything to make my review sound or look true. What am I using? Facts? I mean, you seem to think we didn't pay enough for the trip. But I have Western Union confirmations and historical exchange rates to prove we overpaid for it. If you call that using anything to make my review sound true, then I'm definitely guilty.

- You say I never had enough money to do a safari in Uganda.

Well, that's false. Anybody who reads the blog will realize that we've been travelling for over three months since leaving you. We've been to many countries. We still have money. We overpaid for the trip with you in Uganda. We definitely had enough money. That's not an issue.

- You say I was "travelling on some one's money".

Yes, my own. If you want bank account statements to show that I'm travelling with my own money I would be happy to provide them. If anybody has money that they don't deserve it would be you, Yampa. You're the one who asked twice for loans to cover vehicle breakdowns, agreed to pay them back, and then never did. We paid you well more than the quoted price of the trip.

- You're saying I think the USD had the same value as the CAD.

Ridiculous. This is another brand new argument from you. You came up with it today. I'm impressed. I've already gone through the math on the blog. I realize that the Canadian dollar is worth less than the US dollar. I realized it at the time. That's why I paid you 4315 CAD for a trip that was 3394 USD. You idiot.

- You say you wanted a bank transfer but I "insisted" on Western Union.

Partly true. You DID ask me to send you a bank transfer. I told you that we were in South Africa, and I can't very well send you a bank transfer when my bank is back in Canada. Right? So YOU recommended Western Union. I have the Facebook message history to prove it. I agreed to use Western Union and paid for all of the transfer fees (totalling almost 100 CAD) because you refused to pay for them.

- You say that after the first transfer of 1000 CAD I wanted to "include" the cost of Rwanda.

We asked to visit Rwanda when we were close to the border. You said that was fine. You never said it would cost a penny extra until after the trip. Even when you asked for money on the way to the Rwandan border (for the second time) you said it was a loan to cover the cost of breakdowns. You never said it would cost any additional money. You're now quoting figures like 480 USD and 580 USD to go to Rwanda. Keep in mind that we paid for our accommodation and food in Rwanda. We stayed in the country for one night. One. And our trip was still the 10 day trip we asked for and paid for. So how is it that you think we should pay you 480 USD? Or, as of today, 580 USD? You just keep changing the numbers, Yampa, and none of them make any sense. You're a moron.

- You admit that we had breakdowns but that they were "promptly repaired".

Well, if you think that spending at least half a day standing on the side of the road in towns, cities, and game parks, then sure they were promptly repaired. Five vehicles in the course of four days, Yampa. It was a disaster. Don't pretend like we had a flat tire and you fixed it. Again, I invite people to read the blog post where we detail each breakdown. Including the one where you forgot to put the radiator cap back on the radiator and eventually caused the engine to die.

- You say I made "funny hand gestures" to my wife when you gave me information.

I have no idea what you're referring to but I find this hilarious. Funny hand gestures? Like what, exactly? I can't do anything but laugh at this now, Yampa. My argument is that you took our money as a loan and didn't pay it back. Your argument is that I made "funny hand gestures". Although I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, even if I did make funny hand gestures it's still not OK to steal people's money while lying to them.

- You ask if I can publish the pictures I took while we were with you.

I did. We loved Uganda. We loved it despite YOU. It's a lovely country and we saw amazing things. We had some very good experiences during our time with you. But all of the good parts took place when you weren't around.

- You think that I should have sent 5000 CAD+ to equal 3394 USD.

Let's check the rate back in May 2015 when I sent you the money. I don't know why I'm continuing to teach you math, but maybe some day you'll get it. On May 7th, 2015 when we started the trip the Canadian dollar was worth 0.83 USD. If I sent you 5000 CAD that would be 4150 USD. It's easy: 5000 x 0.83 = 4150. See how I did that? You quoted 3394 USD for the trip. So if we sent you the 5000 CAD you seem to think we should have, then we would have paid you more than 750 USD in excess of the quoted cost of the trip. DO THE MATH YAMPA! It's very, very easy!

- You say I rarely mention my wife in the review.

Well, I don't really want to bring her into this. I'm writing these responses to you, so I don't want to imply that it's her. But she definitely agrees with me. We both think you're a liar and an idiot.

- You say we're your 1400th clients but that I'm "to much of a liar"

Again, I'd love for you to point out anything I'm lying about. Anything. At all. You have yet to do that. You keep trying to say that we didn't pay you enough. Here, I'll end this message with a screenshot showing my entire transfer history to you straight from the bank. If anybody wants to prove to themselves that I sent you more than the 3394 USD you quoted us, they can do the math themselves to show that you're a complete tool. You can't argue with math, Yampa. You try, but you'll lose.

That's it Ian 0.83 USD - to 1 Canadian dollar. In Canada yes but in Uganda no. Until you will accept that when you made the transfer the 1 Canadian dollar was 2,230 Uganda shillings on average and the US dollar was 3,484 shillings, that is according to your math 0.17 different. Accepted you cheated me, and you are literally hiding behind the car break downs. I can not use any word or gesture close to what you are using. But I will say this, you live in a developed country behave like a a person who is a little bit exposed and stop showing your inability to comprehend. Uganda is a free economy what is sold there is squarely determined by demand and supply. So is foreign exchange, and each beaurex/ bank has its rates, ask yourself why I told you to hold the last pay? Eve after seeing you adamantly refused. By the way were there guides in other countries you visited. Was it all rossy and smooth?

If you could advise your bank to send money on Western union to me, what was so hard that required to go back to your bank? Swindlers like to tell.

Lastly if what I have told you does not open your perception to a wider spectrum then kindly remain covered in you little box of mind. Stop writing nonsense. Someone on trip advisor had figured you out when I requested. You the type of people who should never be accorded decency

Hooray! We're still stuck on exchange rate issues! Let's run this all over again for you, Yampa!

Here are the values that you have claimed for UGX/CAD over the past few months:

- 2362 to 2460 (May 2 in a Facebook message sent to me)

- 2393 (Sep 4 in your original post)

- 2625 (Sep 8 in a comment on my review which you since deleted from your Facebook page)

- 2230 (Sep 17 in your latest comment)

Funny how these values keep changing. Sometimes drastically, in fact. Now I'll do the same for UGX/USD. Note that in your original post, you claim we should pay 12,500,000 UGX for a trip quoted at 3394 USD. Using your numbers, that means you calculated the rate of UGX/USD to be 3682. So that's another value you're using (surprise -- it's higher than the others!). Here are your UGX/USD rates:

- 3000 (May 2 in a Facebook message you sent to me)

- 3163 (May 3 in another Facebook message you sent to me)

- 3480 (Sep 4 in your original post)

- 3682 (Sep 4 in your original post again)

- 3484 (Sep 17 your latest comment)

I've taken the liberty of capturing screenshots of the value of the exchange rates for both the CAD and USD to UGX on May 2, 2015. Any date from late April to early May will work. You can pick a different date if you want and try it yourself! Please examine the screenshots. The actual value of UGX/CAD was 2460 on that date. Compare that to your quoted values above. Two of them are very close (our early Facebook messages before the trip and the number you quoted in your original post). Two are way off, including your most recent comment that it was worth 2230 at the time. Anybody reading this can see that you're all over the map. You're claiming we didn't pay enough but you can't even decide on the exchange rate. It's frankly ridiculous.

Now let's look at USD/UGX. On the same date of May 2 it was worth 2990. Very close to your original Facebook message to me, but otherwise your later estimates are WAY off. We physically walked into a bank and looked at an exchange rate display board during the trip. They matched a value around 3000. And the spread was tiny, likely due to the fact that East Africa often uses USD as a de facto currency. Just like you, seeing as you quoted the price of the trip in USD and not UGX. But all of your following messages are way, way off on the value of USD at the time in question. Pick a number and stick to it. Hint: it should be close to 3000.

The funny thing is this: you can completely ignore the Canadian dollar. You keep harping on what I think the value of the CAD is, but it doesn't matter in the least. I have Western Union transfer confirmations showing the exact amount of UGX you received. It doesn't matter what the CAD rate is. Here is the amount you received on each transfer in UGX, along with the date sent:

Apr 22 - 2,362,355 UGX

Apr 27 - 2,381,140 UGX

Apr 28 - 2,412,450 UGX

Apr 30 - 2,403,224 UGX

May 11 - 753,836 UGX

The total of all of those is 10,313,005 UGX. I can show you the Western Union confirmations if you want. I can show anybody who wants to see them, including the MCN numbers of the transfers. I'm being very open and honest about all of this. At the REAL exchange rate of about 3000 UGX/USD (which quotes for those dates and also happens to be the rate you were quoting me on May 2nd), that amount of UGX is equal to 3437 USD -- or about 40 USD more than we were supposed to pay (3394 USD). Case closed. For the last time: STOP saying we didn't pay you enough. We absolutely did. We paid more than you asked for. This has nothing to do with not paying you what we owed!

Now on to your other claims...

- You say that I "adamantly refused" when you asked that I wait to send the last money transfer.

False. I sent the last transfer on May 11. That was in the middle of the trip. Our trip was from May 7th to May 16th. You asked me to wait to send the last transfer in a Facebook message sent to me before the trip even began. I did indeed wait to send the last transfer. At the time, you agreed that we had paid for everything. It's only after the itinerary ended and you refused to send us the 180 USD that we gave you during the trip that you've since decided we never paid you enough for the trip in the first place. It's a load of baloney.

- You ask if things were rosy and smooth when we had guides in other countries

Yes, pretty much. And if things don't go perfectly smoothly, the guides apologize and take responsibility. The guides tend to use equipment in good working condition. The guides know how to maintenance their vehicles. They have working car jacks. They check vehicles in the morning. But most importantly of all, if a guide agrees to do something, they do it. Basic honesty. It's simple.

- You say that since I could send a Western Union transfer to you, why couldn't I send a wire transfer

A Western Union transfer is possible to send online over the Internet. Check with if you don't believe me. A wire transfer requires me to physically visit a bank branch. It doesn't work the same way. Trust me, if I could have avoided paying over 80 CAD in service charges to send you 5 separate Western Union transfers, I would HAPPILY have done that. I find it hilarious that you think I'm somehow being sneaky by offering to waste all this money on transfer fees. You're an idiot.

- You say someone on TripAdvisor had "figured me out" when you "requested"

I have no idea what you're referring to. We have given ratings to several businesses on TripAdvisor, many of them incredibly positive. We like to send people to places that deserve them. I DID try to give you a TripAdvisor rating even though you don't have your business listed there. Actually, I'm glad you're not listed on TripAdvisor: it makes you harder to find by any potential customers. They should avoid you like the plague. But unfortunately my review didn't get accepted. I'm not sure why, but rest assured I will happily send in my review again if you decide to list yourself on TripAdvisor in the future.

As a final little tidbit, I'd like to add this lovely comment we received in response to our blog post on our blog at Perhaps it will be illuminating to those who would foolishly consider a trip with you.Do you remember one of your 1400 clients by the name of Araali? He or she travelled with you for 30 days in 2011. I will post the comment word for word. It makes for great reading material.

"Actually I made a trip around Uganda for 30 days with Yampa back in 2011, when he was working as tour guide at Matoke Tours. We experienced almost the same issues, car breakdowns, Yampa deceiving us to get more money for activties and fuel included in the itenary etc... luckily we contacted the tour company when still in Uganda and they compensated us, Matoke was really professional and helpfull and later fired Yampa, thats whe he started as a free lancer. It could really help the Ugandan Toursm industry if you leave a bad review on his facebook, since his practices just go on and on and many more victims will be made, giving the Ugandan Tourism industry a bad reputation which it does not disearve."

So it looks like this isn't the first time you've gotten into trouble with your customers. This sounds like a really familiar story to me. I guess Matoke Tours had you "figured out".

Best of luck.


currencies aint static, and each seller will provide there on rate. we live in a free economy here.

your CAD is not in demand. Remember as I did receive YOUR CADs in UG shillings and then by USD open your oblongata man.

As I stated in my previous comment (which I suppose you didn't fully read) the Canadian dollar has nothing to do with it. As you say, you received the money in UGX and you needed only to convert to USD if you demanded USD. The rate for the USD has a tiny spread because it is in huge demand. At the time, the UGX/USD rate was 3000. We paid you enough. Again, stop saying we didn't. It's ridiculous.

I've shown conclusively how much UGX you received (regardless of how much CAD was sent), and what the exchange rate was to the USD. Any attempt to bring the Canadian dollar into this argument is a red herring. I think you might be permanently on drugs. We're working with basic stuff here, Yampa -- try to keep up.

I also love how you haven't bothered disputing any of the other dozens of complaints we've made about you: that you can't service your vehicles, that you rent poor quality vehicles that break down constantly, that you destroyed your rental vehicle by neglecting to put the radiator cap back on, that you're incredibly rude to your own countrymen, that you drive terribly, that you hit a guy on a motorcycle while driving us, that you missed several pickups, that you lied to us on multiple occasions about things like trails being impassable when they were fine, that you agreed to finish the trip and then demanded more money twice, that you agreed to pay us back a specific amount and didn't. The list goes on and on.

Somehow you're only focused on the idea that we never paid you enough in the first place. You're pathetic, Yampa. I won't entertain any more arguments that you didn't get enough money. I have our Facebook message history. I have our email history. You do too. Never did you start complaining that you didn't receive enough for the trip until I wrote the blog post about how shitty you are. All we wanted was to receive the EXTRA 180 USD we paid to you returned to us within a month after the trip. Three months after the trip you still hadn't paid us back. And you were trying to change the amount and the date. I mean hey, according to you you're just finishing a gorilla census right now. You don't have access to banks or the Internet. Remember that lie? I do.

The comment we received on the blog from Araali detailing how you got fired from Matoke Tours for the same behaviour in 2011 shows that we're not the only ones you've manipulated. You haven't learned a damn thing.

You suck. Try harder.

learn to be flexible and adaptive, it does not change who you are, but allows your perspective to widen and your reasoning will be more rational.

My reasoning is 100% rational. You, on the other hand, are completely irrational.

This is not an issue about being "flexible and adaptive". If I only paid you 3000 USD for the trip, would it be acceptable if I told you to be "flexible and adaptive" instead of paying you? No. You would say that I owed you money. And you would be right!

You owe me 180 USD that you promised you would pay. Don't blame this on being flexible or adaptive. You are dishonest. You lied to us.

The math is there for all to see. You're the only one who doesn't seem to understand.

Ok I lied you and you cheated me openly- 180 USD I owe you and 480 USD you owe me

Well, we're getting somewhere. You've admitted that you lied. That's a good start, Yampa. I already told you: keep the fucking money. We never cheated you, Yampa. You have created this 480 USD number AFTER THE TRIP ENDED. Show me a single record of this number when we mentioned we wanted to go to Rwanda. At our last dinner when we went through what we would both pay for, you never brought this up. You agreed to a number. If you think I'm cheating you, then I'm sorry for that. I don't agree. But this is something you agreed to. I have never gone back on my word. I have integrity. If you think we didn't pay you enough, fine. But you never said this magical number until after the trip. After you'd agreed to pay us 180 USD. Now we suddenly owe you 480 USD. Do you see how ridiculous that is? You obviously don't, but I thought I'd ask.

Anyway, I'm done chatting with you about this. Again: keep the fucking money. You stole it. You have now admitted that you lied, so I'm happy. My goal now is to try to let as many people out there as possible know that you're a liar and a shit guide. Matoke realized this already. Too bad I didn't know that before paying you all that money...

I'm teaching you to have a wider perspective than 180 USD- If you want to shine like the sun first burn like the sun...... and lastly be strong but not rude, kind, but not weak bold but not a bully, proud but not arrogant, ok

I lost more than 480 USD and not crying man.. you cheated me on the exchange rates close to 400 USD... that is why you are sad.

For fuck's sake, Yampa. We gave you more than you asked for. I demonstrated this time and again. The exchange rate UGX/USD was 3000 at the time. Given the amount of UGX you received, you got more than the 3394 USD quoted. I won't debate this with you.

What are you even trying to accomplish by talking to me? You think we cheated you, but there's no way in hell I'm ever going to give you a penny more. So why bother arguing? You're a complete moron. I am a happy person, but you're absolutely intolerable. I had a great day today, and I will continue to have a great day once I stop writing these messages to you. I continue to deal with wonderful people all over the world. Honest people. You are not one of them. You're not worth my time, Yampa. Keep trying to cheat people out of their hard-earned money. See how successful you'll be.

Stop being vulgar, its in your mind that you paid a lot of money, and up to now still think you paid 3394 no you paid 466 USD less ok and you did not pay me for Rwanda. 480USD. I'm jumping and happy, and doing my work, I can't run after you. You are a destruction, I'm even willing to give you 120USD more, to show you that my life is reach and more exposed to perception than yours.

Hah -- sure, buddy. You see: I can't trust you! You said you would give us 180 USD. I doubted you at the time, but we shook hands. You swore again and again. You would pay. You said it over and over. But you didn't.

Now you say it's 120 USD. You're a liar! You've lied to me time and again! Why should I trust you this time? You won't pay anything. It's all lies!

Please show how I paid 466 USD less than 3394. Show that to me. Do the math step by step and demonstrate it. You can't. It's a lie. We both know UGX/USD exchange rate was 3000. We both know how many UGX you got. It's easy.

And show how spending one evening in Rwanda costs 480 USD. You're fucking insane, Yampa. And even if it DID cost 480 USD, that's something you tell a client BEFORE YOU GO. You don't try to charge them AFTER YOU'VE GONE.

You know what? Why don't I charge you for the time you spent with us? We didn't agree beforehand, but why not, right? I charge consulting clients $100 per hour. We spent 10 days together. At 8 hours a day, that's $8000 you owe me. So look, now you owe me a lot of money! You'd better pay up!

You see how crazy that is? That suddenly you try to charge somebody for a service after the fact? You never said anything at all about how it would cost 480 USD to visit Rwanda. You know that's true. If you'd told us that, we would NOT HAVE GONE. But you didn't say that. You just made up a number AFTER WE RETURNED. And then you try to charge it. What kind of education did you receive? You have the mind of a small child.

Ian go back read all the communications we had before you the world your arrogancy. every nation has its trading rules. a coke cola in UK can never be the same price in Tanzania or south AFrica or china, ok and when it comes to changing and buyin foreign currency it needs to be done by aperson who knows the trends and booths so. You relied on you software it was not bad for it was for me. swallow up. the break downs wer absurd but they were somehow solved and you completed your trip in Uganda and even run away without clearing. You asked me which school I went to, it taught me respect and cultural mentainance and never to be vulgar. WHICH SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO?

Stop editing your comments that you posted earlier to suit your claims and cheating habits Ian Clarkson the currencies you are showing are from yopur central bank not at leat bank of Uganda kindly note that.

Yampa. We both walked into a bank with Western Union in Entebbe. We both looked at the exchange rate board. The buy and sell prices were both very close to 3000 for UGX/USD. That's the rate that you wrote to me in a Facebook message too.

I'm not saying Coca Cola costs the same everywhere in the world. I'm not saying every currency exchange has exactly the same rates. But they're all very close. And I know that in Uganda it tracks the USD very closely because the currency is used so often. You know that as well.

Why is it that you never said anything about not receiving enough money for the trip until we wrote our review of you? In three months you never complained. You were telling me over and over you would send 180 USD as you promised. Then you didn't. So we published the review. And suddenly you say we never paid you enough in the first place. It was never mentioned at all before that time. It's obvious that you're using this as an excuse to not pay what you promised.

I've already brought up Araali and Matoke twice and you've never responded to that fact. That you got fired for doing the same thing to that client. Exactly the same behaviour, Yampa: trying to get people to give you more money than you agreed to. It's completely dishonest.

You say that respect is important to you. It's disrespectful to make a promise to somebody and then not follow through.

You say that you learned never to be vulgar. Trust me, I would MUCH rather you be vulgar than dishonest. We would have figured this issue out long ago if you were honest. I'd rather you swear at me a lot but tell the truth than lie and try to seem nice. Stealing people's money under false pretences is not nice, Yampa.

Yampa: you just won't give up on this ridiculous idea that we didn't pay you enough for the trip. Again, I find it funny that you only concocted this story after we published our review of you months after the trip ended. This was never apparently an issue for you. You never sent any emails or Facebook messages saying we hadn't paid enough. Nothing. Just promises that you'd send us the 180 USD we'd agreed to.

Now you're saying that the dollar amounts I showed in the Western Union confirmation list are in Canadian Dollars and that's a problem because that's the "central bank" "rate" of Canada? It's not a "rate" and it has nothing to do with the Bank of Canada... but I digress.

I'd like to completely put to rest the issue of supposedly not paying enough for this trip, because that's all you seem to care about. Not the fact that you skipped picking us up multiple times, hit a guy while driving us, argued with us for hours about giving you extra money to cover breakdowns, and so on. Oh, and you still haven't commented on the fact that you did this to another customer in 2011 when you were with Matoke Tours. You haven't mentioned how you got fired for the same behaviour. That's not worth discussing. You just keep hammering away at the idea that we somehow ripped you off by not paying the price you quoted us.

So I collected more damning evidence against you, Yampa. It's a hobby of mine. I think any rational being would already realize that you're full of crap, but I'm gonna go the distance here. I offer up the full Western Union confirmation of one of the five transfers I sent to you. You should be familiar with them as you accepted and cashed all of them. I can provide the confirmations for all four others if requested. Just ask. I can only attach one picture at a time to a comment and I didn't want you to get confused. Notice at the bottom of the image, critically, it shows the total amount IN UGANDAN SHILLINGS received from the transfer.

As I mentioned in other responses to you, your argument that the Canadian Dollar is not valuable in Uganda is meaningless. You received the money in Ugandan Shillings. End of story. These documents prove it. Western Union pays out in the currency local to the country the payment is being received in. The fact that I sent money in CAD has nothing to do with anything. It's irrelevant. Let's stop mentioning Canadian Dollars forever now, OK? Western Union did the exchange to UGX and you were paid in UGX. All that matters is what you received in UGX and your local exchange rate to the USD, and that rate is effectively pegged because USD is used so often in Uganda. I'm working on demonstrating that too, in case anybody cares. That'll be fun.

Anyway, read it and weep. The values and dates on this transfer should align exactly with all previous mentions I've made of how much we sent you and when. Unlike your numbers which seem to change every time you write them.

I encourage you to keep trying to explain how it is that I could send you 10,313,005 UGX at a time when the UGX/USD rate hovered around 3000 and somehow still not have paid you the 3394 USD you quoted us. You're not doing a great job so far.

Keep the lies comin', Yampa! My truth ray defeats all comers!

P.S. - You also seem paranoid about me editing comments to fix any grammatical or spelling errors. I'll make sure to leave this one as is.

Now that's a lie Ian it was 1740 different it was in Victoria mall.don't let world laugh at you mate

Just so I'm understanding, you're saying that the difference between the buy and sell rate for the USD dollar was 1740 UGX? Is it always that way?

That was between the US and Canadian dollars exchange rates not buying and selling.Then the difference between sales was 440

I said the spread was very small between the buy and sell rates for the USD. Not that the difference between the USD and CAD was small. As I've pointed out countless times now, the CAD rate DOES NOT MATTER. You received the money in UGX. All that matters to you is the USD/UGX rate. So what was the spread there? You're saying the difference between buy and sell in USD was 440?

Now note that 999= $674 as received in Ugx. I need USD. I buy them at an addition of sh440 per dollar assuming what I'm paying for runs on the market rate what's the difference?

Yampa, the little sign in a Western Union will show you the rate you get when buying/selling USD. Just take a picture of that and send it. What are you saying the buy and sell rates are?

The biggest mistake you made was not to instruct western Union to pay me in USD. Don't waste my time OK.

I can't -- your payout country is Uganda. They will only pay in UGX. It was not my choice. And hey, if you're so sure the buy and sell rate difference in USD is 440, prove it buddy!

Easy to do, right? Head over to your local Western Union and show me the sign with such a huge spread between buy and sell rates for USD.

There you go again, there is a clause that allows the sender to chose the payout currency to the receiver, I will call it chapter 3 on the western Union instruction manual.

I'm off to work.

You need me to walk you through this, Yampa? I have never lied to you. Not once. You've lied many times and admitted to it. When sending you money in Uganda, I could not choose the currency as USD. Period. If you want me to make a movie of sending a transfer online I will happily do it. And you haven't answered my question. Stop redirecting attention. I asked you if you thought the spread for the USD in UGX was 440. You didn't say yes or no. If you think so, prove it by taking a picture of a Western Union exchange board showing the USD rates. It's easy to prove whether or not you're lying, but you refuse to do it. I have offered up evidence time after time to prove my claims. You offer nothing except changing your story constantly.

Also, why do you think I would CHOOSE to send UGX if you quoted the trip in USD? Why on earth would I do that? It doesn't help me to send you UGX. I had no other choice to pay you, Yampa -- it was UGX or nothing.

Oh boy, Yampa. You are not going to like this.

You've repeatedly told me that since Uganda is a "free economy" the rates between USD and UGX that I use from Internet sources like or Google do not correspond whatsoever to the rates in Uganda. You've told me that the spread between the buy and sell rate for the USD is 440 UGX. Back when we did our trip with you, rates online hovered at 3000 UGX per USD. That was the rate I found online. And that's the rate you agreed to when I was paying you in UGX. But now you're claiming that online rates never match up with local Ugandan rates. And, to be honest, I didn't believe you. Partly because during the trip we walked into a bank and verified the rate ourselves. Which you've conveniently ignored. But also because you've lied many times before, and I enjoy proving you wrong.

So what could I do? I had an idea. I actually asked a friend we have in Entebbe (where you live) to take pictures of some exchange rate boards around town for me. I asked you to do the same, but you refused. Probably because you knew what the pictures would show. So instead of using your pictures, I'm using our good friend's images. On the same day the pictures were captured (today), I looked up the exchange rate on for USD to UGX.

And wonder of wonders -- they MATCH! The Internet says 3660 UGX/USD and the exchange rate board says buy/sell at 3610 and 3670 respectively. Who would have expected that, right Yampa? You've been telling me I have no idea how the economy works in Uganda. That you can't exchange money at the rates seen online. And yet... the rates from TODAY in ENTEBBE where you LIVE match the rates on the INTERNET. How strange! Weird how the spread is nowhere close to 440, also. It's over 7 times smaller than that. Maybe you should exchange your money at this place, huh Yampa?

Man... the lengths I'll go to, eh? I actually got a guy to take pictures of exchange rate boards in Entebbe, Uganda for the sole purpose of proving you're a liar. And it feels great! Now let's see you present any evidence supporting your version of events. Unfortunately, I know you're just going to act like a child with fingers in his ears yelling, "I can't hear you! I can't hear you!" over and over again. You'll ignore everything I've proven and then you'll tell me we didn't pay enough for the trip. Not very believable at this point now, though, is it?

I think this is an appropriate time to drop the microphone.

Signing off from Winnerville,


Aaand the corresponding Google search.

I think Ian Clarkson can been easily induced into a terrorist, to kill, destroy and blow himself up. how come there is nothing positive about Yampa Africa tours and the guide? Hate is a very bad word that is why relate him to a terrorist, while reading his blog I found out that he not well in terms of mind/ brain balance. he can not even accept a simple explanation of the Canadian dollar being at a different rate and he uses it to castigate a person who endeavored to give him a service at a reduced price. Selfish brute.

But Ian clarkson I see 2300 for Canadian dollars and 3610 For USA dollars, so if one has 999 CADs he needs 2,297,700 and if he needs US dollars 626.076294. DOES THIS REFLECT THE 0.83. Basically for every 1000 Canadian dollars you transfered equated to US $ 626 if Iam seeing properly tell us how much CADs did you transfer to Yampa Africa Tours

Robinson: Here's the part you and Yampa are confused about. I didn't transfer CAD to Yampa. He received UGX. The exchange rate to CAD has nothing to do with my argument with Yampa.

He received exactly 10,313,005 UGX. At the time (in May), the exchange to the USD (the currency he wanted) was 3000. Note also that in the images above it's the CURRENT exchange rate I'm showing. Not the exchange rate in May.

I posted these pictures because Yampa tried to claim that online exchange rates didn't match exchange rates on the ground in Uganda. He's obviously wrong, as I've shown in this post.

Robinson... is your account just some shill account for Yampa?! You seem to be either a family member or Yampa's secret second Facebook account. You seem to be posting his profile and tours and advertising a lot for him. This is hilarious!

Not very well concealed, Yampa...


SO YOU WERE CARRYING SHILLINGS WITH YOU? Or your CADs were changed into Ugandan shillings and at what rate. Did he bill you in USD, CADs or Ugandan shillings. stop confusing the world.

Robinson Denning Dobson: Actually, I don't owe you any money. At all. I've shown you in countless different ways why. You, on the other hand, owe me 180 USD. Remember when you agreed to that? Shook hands and said that was fair given all the trouble you'd put us through? I sure do. It was the part just after we paid you 180 USD above the full cost of the trip in order for you to finish it. Because you said you needed money to cover the breakdowns and you didn't have any cash. You said it was a loan and you would pay us back. And you didn't. Now you're convinced we owe you money. By no math in the world do we owe you money. I've shown it time and again in umpteen different ways.

Robinson Denning Dobson They were exchanged before you even received them. YOU received UGX. I have the Western Union confirmations I've shown you. You didn't receive CAD, Yampa. Period. Western Union will not pay out CAD in Uganda. You billed us in USD, yes. I agree. We paid you in UGX because that's the only way Western Union would pay out in Uganda. I've offered to demonstrate this to you but you don't seem to care. You're convinced I really wanted to pay you in UGX, for some reason. I don't know why you think I'd want to do that. I would have loved to have paid you in USD so I could show even more concretely that you stole our money. Instead I have to rely on known exchange rates which you still haven't disputed.

Robinson Denning Dobson Oh, and I absolutely still challenge you to show one SHRED of evidence that you received a penny less than what you requested. Just one. All you have is idle talk. Come back when you can demonstrate how we didn't pay you enough.

I don't believe the Ugandan Shilling can appreciate over the CAD that fast. I was there in May the rate was 2, 130 and 2400, buying and selling, the closest that guy could get was seven million Uganda shillings if he had good contacts, apart from that it should be 6 million shillings.

You are correct Ian Clarkson Yampa Africa Tours has the same document showing that the 999 Canadian dollars equated to 626 USD but he made it 733 USD from western Union. tell me about that.

You never paid the full amount of 3394 USD did he give you a receipt or do you have communication to support it. We need to help you recover your money, if you did pay the full amount, but if its based on the Canadian Central bank, rates know that you owe Yampa Africa Tours lots of money.

I see you are trying to sweet talk I never shook hands with you. more evidence is coming out, soon.

Robinson Denning Dobson

Please show me the document showing that the 2,412,250 UGX you received in this transfer equalled 626 USD from late April 2015. And likewise provide proof that the remaining four transfers when summed do not equal at least 3394 USD when converted to USD. If you can prove that to me, I will agree that we didn't pay you enough money.

I do not have any receipt stating I paid 3394 USD to you. You didn't provide us one. I should have asked -- that's my fault. All I have are my five documented transfers equalling an amount that EXCEEDS 3394 USD. Which I've shown to everybody, including you.

I did pay the full amount. It's not based on "Canadian Central Bank" rates. It's based on accepted international exchange rates. I proved that the rates Google and show online align with the rates you use in your local markets in Entebbe by getting a friend to take pictures of the market exchange rates and retrieving the online rate on the same day. And guess what: they match. So don't claim the rates online don't match the local rates because I've shown that they absolutely do.

I am not trying to "sweet talk". Trust me: the last thing I want to do with you is sweet talk. We did shake hands on this. We agreed you would pay us 180 USD to return the so-called "loan" that you took from us to pay for your breakdowns. You shook my hand and agreed you would return it. I actually feel really stupid now, because at the time when we talked about this before the trip ended I actually thought to myself "I should write this down on paper and get him to sign it". I thought that exact thing. But you know what? I didn't want to disrespect you and treat you like a child. I wanted to believe that you were an honest person. I thought you would be true to your word. But hey, I've learned something from you and I won't make a mistake like that again. Next time I encounter somebody who's as dishonest a weasel as you I will definitely make sure to document each step of the way to avoid ridiculous arguments like this.

The funny thing is, I still have more than adequate proof that you've been paid in entirety. And yet you just keep saying "Canadian Dollar!" this and "Canadian Central Bank!" that. Your argument makes absolutely no sense. At all. It's completely absurd. I have records of exactly how much UGX you received and what the exchange rate was to USD at the time. I won't bother doing the math for you yet again because you can't seem to grasp it no matter how many times I try.

I look VERY much forward to your proof that we didn't pay you enough for this trip. Please, please, PLEASE send it along. Show the world. I challenge you.

I am a man of my word. If you're able to prove that we didn't pay you enough money for the trip I will happily withdraw our blog review of you and remove all of my negative comments about you from this page and any other. Happily. It's really easy, Yampa. You just have to show it. Show that we didn't pay you enough.

But you can't. Because you're wrong and you're lying. Regardless, I strongly encourage you try. My guess is you will just continue to embarrass yourself and provide me and everybody else reading this with even more evidence that you're completely incompetent.

Araali get ashamed less I bet my life and profession, if I have ever gone on safari with you, Matoke tours is a stone throw away from where I am, I challenge you on two accounts, that I was never employed by Matoke tours ( I was Free as a bird to them), what you call free lance. You contacted matoke to to compensate you for what, lies run faster but the truth move confidently and arrive in time to shame the devil. Silver, Connie and Solomon are all at matoke tours kindly provide a date and time. You, Agaba, or call yourself Paul are a great story teller as I had ealier thanked you for being my an solicited spokes person. I want to bring to your notification that I know the very last trip I did it had, 2 Belgians,and 10 Dutch I have just shared the photo on my face book wall while we were in Nyungwe. the only Ugandan on that trip was me, Anatoli and Tumusiime Richard. The trip before that had been organised by Tatjiana, and I still did it with the late Ziwa, I have never taken any Ugandan on safari while I was in Matoke tours.

If Connie, or Silvia, or Solomon, even Susan, Koen or Whim, but Araali? which country were you from and where did you go.

The best advice I'm giving you Araali- (this is a pet name of Batooro, Banyoro, Banyaruguru, and Batagwenda, in Uganda) Be bould put your other name and stop hood winking a cheat. You helped him and posted a forex rate chart from that forex beaureax in Kitoro, that clearly must have shown the world how dense he should be- for your information $2,999.97 CADs today and then average 6.3m Uganda shillings if you what to make him think that was enough money and almost made 12m which I needed for his trip. you are not normal. The guy tells you that he transferred 999.99x 3 which was 2,999.97 CADs then the US dollar oscillated between Sh3,494 and Sh3,560 depending on where you exchanged it let alone buying it from the seller.

You are helping criminal legalise his trade. sorry

Let me be working as you peddle lies about me. get yourselves something to do my buddies, other than wasting precious valuable time.

The good thing is you have two pictures that you have posted, One is the exchange rate bill board which is not Google, another is the western union report. Kindly use the two pictuires to justify your so called maths of equating 999.99 Canadian dollars to 3394 US dollars. It clearly shows that each of such documents- assuming, they all carried the same exchange rate- will total to 6.3 million shillings, was your las transfer 5.7million Uganda shillings?- The answer to this question will justify all you false claims.

Ian Use XE.COM and see if you will get the exchange rates on that bill board. disregard any other costs.

Oh. My. God.

Yampa. Each day you prove yourself to be more and more of an imbecile. Before long, you'll be asking me how I claim that one Canadian cent is equal to the infinity US Dollars you quoted for the trip. And how the Ugandan exchange rate is somewhere between -10,000 and +Pi. It's completely futile to try to argue with you because you don't seem to read or actually think about anything I'm saying. But hey, I'll write back YET AGAIN.

Let's start with your first claim. You seem to still think that the exchange rate boards in Entebbe don't match the Google results. Or results. I've already proven that. It's up in another reply. I show the screenshot from the Google search at 3660 UGX/USD and the exchange rate board picture on the same day at 3670 UGX/USD. They match. I've demonstrated that already. Please read what I've already written. You're a complete idiot.

Your second claim is that I think 999.99 CAD is equal to 3394 USD. For the love of all that is holy, please find ANY TEXT ON THIS ENTIRE WALL OF CRAP stating ANYTHING LIKE THAT! I have NEVER stated that 999.99 CAD is equal to 3394 USD. What I DO claim is that the 4402.95 CAD (or over 10,000,000 UGX) I sent you in late April and early May across 5 TRANSFERS from Western Union were equal to MORE THAN 3394 USD back at that time when the exchange rate was 3000 UGX/USD.

The total is NOT 6.3 million shillings, Yampa! I've said COUNTLESS TIMES the total is above 10,000,000 UGX! I've already totalled it up for you. Look, I scrolled up a few messages and there's the exact number: 10,313,005 UGX. That's how much I sent you. Not 999.99 CAD. Not 6.3 million shillings (where the HELL are you getting these numbers from?!). I have sent you the printouts. I have posted them for everybody. I've proved the exchange rates are what I said they are.

You claimed you would "send proof" that I didn't send you enough money. You have yet to provide any proof whatsoever. You're still just making up numbers. It boggles the mind how completely dense you are. It's almost unfathomable.

Do you need me to add this up for you again? Read the entries from the other pictures. Or from the text. Here's what we sent you and when, in UGX:

Apr 22 - 2,362,355 UGX

Apr 27 - 2,381,140 UGX

Apr 28 - 2,412,450 UGX

Apr 30 - 2,403,224 UGX

May 11 - 753,836 UGX

Add those up, Yampa. Do you get 6.3 million shillings? No, you don't. You get 10,313,005 UGX. Exactly the number I've said multiple times already. Do you get 999.99 CAD, as you claimed? No, that's the amount of the FIRST TRANSFER of FIVE TRANSFERS. FIVE. SEPARATE. TRANSFERS. Do I think that I paid you in full after one transfer of 999.99 CAD? No. That's why I sent four more. You MORON.

This is math that a four year old could do, Yampa. You are supposed to be running a business. It's a terrible one, sure. But I would still hope you could add numbers together.

I'm going to write another blog article about all of this nonsense. I'm going to collate all of your ridiculous messages, posts, and replies. This is completely unbelievable.

Tomorrow I will show and everyone who can access the Internet how much you paid and that you could access your bank account but you either ignorantly claimed you couldn't access it or it was a plot to cheat me.

I look forward to it.

Ian Clarkson my run away client here I come let us reconcile. I love my Job and dignify to the limit, I don't hate people, I correct them when they are wrong, so here are some of the documents you have been disclaiming. They have you name, bank account, I wont put your passport number out. I just want to make you know that you did not pay me fully. That the negative review you wrote was supposed to stop me from telling you so, and that most of what is the review are lies twisted to make it look or sound true.

Ian Clarkson here is more evidence to pin me or you, My perception is wide enough to know that you or me egocentric and smearing blood on a rock to lie the world. if you show a transfer You did not effect kindly tell me to pull it down.

Here add Up My man this is only about payments. I'm yet to respond on more of your lies.

This is in response to the lake Bunyonyi issue. The Trip was ending here before driving to Kampala, I had earlier paid a deposit and I had to top up to make it full board, we were booked in by a waiter what Ian Clarkson told them I don't know, but when I walked back to the reception, the manager told me otherwise. I needed to service the van. the best place to put your clients is an Island which they initially were exited about and then did not want, no where in our communication does say so. I was effecting what they paid for, if he had complained about the choice of Island it would have been another issue. But to lie that the made him pay for meals? He knew what he was afraid of..........

What you see bellow the Lake Bunyonyi ( the lake of many birds- one Uganda's Beautiful highland lakesfound in the South western Uganda) Byona Amagara (translated as everything is life) Island receipt is the last transfer that Ian Clarkson made after assuring him that I was to leave him in Bwindi ImpenetrableNational Park, after tracking the mountain gorillas, while we were in Queen Elizabeth National Park. in Mweya. Instead of sending $1,200 CADs he transferred $315 CADs, he lied me that he had sent everything. sorry lier.

This document is called the vehicle exit receipt, usually given to people who cross borders with company or foreign registered vehicles. in this case I was driving Ian Clarkson and his wife from Rwanda Back into Uganda, then to Entebbe, where Ian Clarkson and his wife Sundra RUN AWAY with OUT Paying for accommodation. I was supposed to drop them at the Airport at mid day for them to fly to Tanzania, when they were supposed to pay my remaining money they escaped before I arrived. I stay in Entebbe town, the place in Which they spent the night is a park and its not uncommon to see tourist walking around with their back packs, this is how they escaped.

Baliija Balyampa P.D.Abraham Robinson has shared the following PDF:


Ian Clarkson Ian Clarkson Ian Clarkson Ian Clarkson Ian Clarkson You have personally confessed on this plat form that you transferred UG SH 10,313,005 this is equal to US $2,894 at an exchange rate of 3,564 Uganda Shillings per US dollar so this money has to be used in USDs , there are two options, either to buy the USDs, (adding Sh60 per dollar) or to pay for the services in Uganda shillings but at a rate far higher than the average market rate. For example UWA rate was Ug Sh 3,650, that meant I was to lose Sh 96 per dollar, the first non negotiable activities were, Gorilla tracking, for 2 people ($700)multiply this by 96 shillings I was loosing, then park entrances to Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth National parks, where they had 2 nights each, 40x4x2= $320 US also multiply this by 96 Ug shillings, then Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge, 50x2= $100 multiply this by 96 shilling too.I lost $50 dollars there, excluding time, transport and service. Apart from Fort Portal, you slept in Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, and Bwindi in Doubles for 2nights -averaging at US$70 per night= 70x6= $420 multiply this also by 96 shillings I lost $20 US, then, one night accommodation in Fort Portal, Entebbe, and Lake Bunyonyi this was $80 per night, I remained with $400 mark you there is no service fees, guiding fees, fuel so I add $180 to the balance of $400 to make $580. Our safari cost was supposed to be $3,394x sh 3,564= Ug Sh 12,096,216. So mr. application user or hater as you claim, before you hate and ask the world to help you hate Yampa Africa Tours Kindly tell the world where Ug sh 1,783,211 ($500.339787 US) for Yampa Africa Tours you did not pay. You gave Me Sh.400,000 at the above rate its $112.233446 as down payment for Rwanda tours after refusing to continue to Kampala, where is the $367.8 US, for the Rwanda tours balance, because you paid for your Accommodation and meals while there.

Therefore you owe Yampa Africa Tours $ 868.139787, excluding the $70 I lost in converting your money to USDs. You did not pay for the 1st night as you had requested neither did you pay for the last night. add $64 US. Your Maths has been put to test, my friend. I welcome all other abusive and de-humanizing names you would like to add on the ones you've already called me but that is the plain truth. Lastly I highly apologise for the cars breaking down, while you were on safari, accept my inept ability to provide replacement vehicles that made sure you missed no paid for activity, while here. I also Kindly ask you to call Steven for that the guy that rammed into the land cruiser carrying cassava, on a motor bike and find out what we exchanged and how I helped him. I sent some one to get him another sack from his home, and I gave him mobile money, later. About littering, you used a 5 seater vehicle, and I threw a bottle through the window, when my seat had bags behind?. Kindly tell me where my balance is and I will know you are a genuine man.

OK -- you've sent me the same Western Union confirmations I've already posted online. What have you proven?

The last transfer is 315, and all the other are 999.99. You claim to a mathematician, and a computer wizard? You must Use your comprehension squarely mate.

Just keep on editing if you thinks it will make us think your not evil.

The total here is 4,702.95 Canadian dollar,s and it shows that it is edited to suit your lies. or satisfy you? print and show us the un edited document.

Slow down, baby! I am writing a HUGE webpage with all of our communications! All of them! Any time you try to say something ridiculous, I will point to a spot in our communications where you contradict yourself. I'm not going to write anything more here.

[thumbs up image]

Don't worry -- your response is coming. I haven't forgotten about you.

Haha, you're great entertainment buddy. You haven't demonstrated a damn thing. What do you think you've shown?

You put up the same confirmations I already showed you. While you were claiming I sent you 999.99 CAD. Then you show four transfers of that amount, plus another at 315 CAD.

You have no idea what you're doing. If my comprehension is clouded, yours is caught in a damn hurricane.

No need if. Your comprehension is still clouded

You owe me dime badie

Nobody is supporting you, Yampa. You realize that, right?

You have yet to show how I owe you money.

What was the exchange rate in early May? USD/UGX?

Answer me that.

I need not support facts support them selves

What was the exchange rate? Early May?

You haven't answered a simple question. USD/UGX.

3546 to 3580

Ian Clarkson

OK -- so why does disagree with you? You said to use XE to check historical exchange rates.

Don't tell me XE its in Canada I'm in Uganda and the grounds fact's say so

And why do you claim in early May in emails to me that it's 3000?

XE is not in Canada.

It says INTERNATIONAL exchange rates.

It doesn't even matter what country it's in.

I already proved that matches your local exchange rate boards.

Oh, and here's you in a Facebook message from May 3:

"3000 is my trading rate I use to buy you services in a low season like now"

And May 2nd:

"it is 3394 is 1018200- averaging at 3000, thats the safe zone"

You say you need 10,182,000 UGX

Right there in a message to me.

Which I have a copy of

I sent you 10,313,005

Which is more than you asked for.

I have proof of all of this, Yampa. If you're too stupid to figure this out, I don't really care if I can prove it to you. I will write my additional blog entry to show all of your inconsistencies and lies. How many times you've changed the numbers around.

Things like this:

I looked hard, to save you, something I feel I should never have done

You say in late August

"I never knocked anyone, even when you made me drive you from Kigali to Entebbe from 14:00hrs to 23:00hrs."

Then on October 7th, you say this:

"I also Kindly ask you to call Steven for that the guy that rammed into the land cruiser carrying cassava, on a motor bike and find out what we exchanged and how I helped him."

It's so obvious how many times you're lying, Yampa! It's right there!

You do this COUNTLESS times.

I don't know why I keep trying to use logic and math to show you where you're wrong. You're convinced if you lie enough somehow I'll give up.

I won't, because you're wrong.

You stole money from us.

You've already admitted you lied.

I can't tell whether you ACTUALLY think I cheated you, or whether you're just trying to convince yourself to make you feel better.

Because it's obvious I sent you more than you even asked for.

And then paid 180 USD extra.

And accommodation and food at several places that were supposed to be included.

I will lay out my case in its entirety, including all of our communications. I will use your copies of the Western Union confirmations in the document. To show that they match mine. So thank you for that.

Anything else you'd like to say? Do you have a reasonable argument? Or are you just going to make more ridiculous claims about the exchange rate?

That's what you sent and what I indicate is what I received, there was a median between us and they hard to make many, that's why they ate there

Read the regulations and guide lines

You HAND WROTE a number in USD on the pieces of paper, Yampa.

Based on all of your other ridiculous lies, why would I believe that that's the amount you received?

You asked for a number of UGX

I sent you more than that amount

Yampa, what you got in USD doesn't matter either.

Here's you again:

"it is 3394 is 1018200"

That's what you said. It's a quote from you. I sent you more than that.

Oh really? Stressed from what?

It was a mistake, and I was stressed terribly.

When did you say that?

Please give me a date, and copy and paste the text here.

And answer my question: what were you stressed from when you told me 10,182,000 UGX was what you needed?

Go back to our initial communication when I told you to transfer 5 equal 1000 cads and also check your response.

A few days after your 3rd transfer . that's what led to me asking you to hold the transfers until you arrive. I wanted you to ascertain what I was telling you. But you still refused

You didn't answer. Show me where you asked for 5 transfers of 1000 CAD.

And tell me why you were stressed when you told me how much UGX to send.

... can't find it?

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