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Arusha, Tanzania After A False Start

Thursday May 21, 2015 (Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, South America, Tanzania, Video)

We've arrived in Arusha, Tanzania! Right off the bat, it's a bit confusing to be here. The two nearest cities to the airport are 40km in either direction. Why exactly was this airport built in the middle of nowhere? Expect to pay 50 USD to get anywhere. That's a pretty hefty surcharge to pay just to get from the airport to civilization!

We were intending to be here two days ago. However, Fastjet had other plans for us. Minutes after our ride left us at the airport in Entebbe, Uganda we were informed that our flight to Tanzania had been cancelled. I was assuming perhaps there would be something else in a couple of hours. Nope. They moved our flight back by two days! I inquired as to whether or not they'd be compensating us, especially for the lost money we would now be spending on a wasted trip to and from the airport. Nothin'. Alas, we looked into options for switching onto RwandAir but flights were more than double the price. So we returned to our accommodations in Entebbe and relaxed for another couple of days! They were moderately productive, however, as we produced the video below which is the last of the South America content. We're only behind by about a month and a half on videos now! We're going to get the lay of the land here for a few days and see if there's anything we can do locally that might be entertaining without punishing our budget too much. Wish us luck, and enjoy the movie!

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