Nowhere With You

What's going on here?

Make no bones about it -- this is yet another travel blog. It follows our year-long trip around the world. Well... almost a year. Ian can’t miss a Christmas, so we started January 8th, 2015 and we’re aiming to finish up in late December 2015. We try to take some nice pictures and write little travel stories along the way. We hope you enjoy it as much as we are!

Who the heck are you?

We are Ian and Sandra. We’re just a couple of crazy Canadians who wanted to take some time off to travel. We got married in 2013 and we don’t have any kids (...yet), so it felt like a great opportunity to enjoy our marriage and visit some places we’ve each had on "the list" for a while. We love photography, wildlife, wilderness, and adventure!

Why are you doing this?

Why not? We found that once we entered the workforce it was difficult to travel for a big hunk of time at once, and that’s something we both really enjoyed doing. So we hatched a plan to go on a one year travel bender!

How are you doing this?

We were just renting our apartment in Toronto, so we walked away from that. We sold our couches, bed, desk... a bunch of stuff. And our families were kind enough to store the things we didn’t get rid of. We’re travelling on an Aeroplan Around the World Flight Reward ticket. That means the out-of-pocket cost for our flights is very low. We run a tight ship in the budgeting department, tracking all of our expenses throughout the trip to make sure we stay within our means. We use a budget spreadsheet I wrote specifically for extended travel. You can get it (free!) right here. And that’s how it’s done!

Can I join up with you guys in ‘X’ country / Do you want to stay with me in ‘Y’ city?

Yes. We’d love to meet up with you. Both of us have always wanted to visit ‘X’, so this is a perfect opportunity! And your penthouse apartment in ‘Y’ looks incredible. Infinity pool, massage chairs, classic arcade. Please let us sleep on your couch. Get in touch!

What camera(s) do you use?

In general, Ian assumes the role of Photo Boy and Sandra is Video Girl. Ian shoots with a Canon 6D and a Canon 24-105mm f/4 L lens. He lugs this camera high into the mountains and deep into mines. He has already broken two small parts, but the contraption is still in mostly working condition! Sandra is in charge of the GoPro Hero4 Black (thanks Michael!). We take that one along Death Road and into the shark cages. Also, any wide aspect panoramic photos you see are taken with Sandra’s iPhone 5, so you can toss some big-ups her way if you like those!

What did you pack?

Great question. We actually had an opportunity to fine-tune our packing when we visited with family a couple of months into the trip and both asked them to bring some missing items and also got rid of some unnecessary cruft. Our quasi-final packing arrangement is detailed item-by-item for both myself and Sandra in this blog post.

What's with the name?

It's a reference to a song of the same name by Canadian artist Joel Plaskett. Check it out! Can I go nowhere with you? Also, a friend pointed out that you can read it has "Now Here With You". Which is also true. Double entendre. Magic!

Can I ask another question?

You just did! Bahaha, another point on the board for dad jokes! But seriously folks, if you’re curious about anything just head on over to the contact area and it’ll send us an email! We guarantee we'll respond within 24 hours. That’s not true, but it sure sounds great, eh?